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Full Name: Houston's #1 Fan CLUTCH "The Rockets Bear"

Position: Team Mascot

Height: 6' 8"

Weight: 2 MUCH

Waist: 92"

Shoe Size: 22BB

Education: School of Hard Knocks

Age: 18

Guffaws Averaged Per Game: 30.2

Hugs Averaged Per Game: 193.76

Cans of Silly String Used Per Game: 19.5

Autographs Signed Per Game: 312.8

Appearances Averaged Per Year: 261

Likes: Rockets Basketball, Sleeping/Hibernating, Playing, Humor, Hugs, Practical Jokes, Laughing, Excitement, Education, Kids, Rocketman & Rockets Power Dancers

Dislikes: The Opposite of my likes...HA HA i.e. The time-out corner, People who take themselves too serious and can't laugh at themselves, stodginess, stick in the muds, being bored

Favorite Foods: Honey and OPP (Other People's Popcorn)

Favorite Colors: Red and Silver

Favorite Movies: Who has time for movies?  There is basketball to watch!

Favorite TV Shows: Winnie the Pooh and Saturday Night Live

Favorite Songs: Clutch the Bear

Favorite Books:
Clutch's Education is #1!, Clutch's Day at the Doctor, Clutch's Hospital Adventure, Clutch Shapes Up, Clutch's When I Grow Up, Clutch's World Tour, Clutch’s Good Night’s Sleep

Favorite Messages: "Education is #1! and "Rockets Win Again!"

Mentors: Houston Rockets' Turbo and Original Philadlphia Phillies' Philly Phanatic

Best Friends:Rocketman/Rockets Ranger, Mini-Clutch, Rockets Players & Rockets Power Dancers

Arch Enemies: Spurs Coyote, Mavericks Champ, and anyone else who dare stand in the Rockets path to victory

Favorite Skits:Devil/Angel Clutches, Clutch's Dance Mess, Dare Clutch Video Series, Cake Skit, Air Scare Video Series

Awards: See Awards Page

Houston's #1 Fan CLUTCH "The Rockets Bear"

Schedule Clutch at your next special event by calling
(713) 758-7347 or visiting rockets.com