Mattress Firm "Choose Your Own Ending" Winners

Alisa Akaya Takes Top Prize

HOUSTON - This past September, Mattress Firm, Inc., one of the nation’s largest specialty mattress retailers, partnered with the beloved Houston Rockets mascot, Clutch, on a three week educational tour of 20 Houston area elementary schools. 

Over 14,000 students took part in Clutch’s Good Night Sleep Show, which focused on the importance of a good education and how getting enough sleep can really make a difference in how well kids perform.

“As a company founded in Houston over 28 years ago, we are so excited to partner with the Houston Rockets and Clutch on this tour,” says Sunni Goodman, VP of Communications for Mattress Firm.  “We’ve done a good job of educating children about the importance of eating right and exercise.  The one area we haven’t covered is the importance of sleep and how it affects school performance, athletic performance and overall well-being.”

Clutch’s engaging and educational show emphasizes getting a good education and making sure that your body is at its best to perform.  At the end of the show, Clutch handed out storybooks to all the students with a surprise ending!

“The neat thing about this book is not only does the story remind kids about the importance of sleep, but the importance of using their imagination,” says Goodman.  “The kids can come up with their ending of the story and enter it for a chance to win tickets to a Houston Rockets game.”

At the close of the 13-14 season, the Houston Rockets community team selected overall winners from the “choose your own ending” competition. The top (5) winners received the prizes coinciding with their place and several "runner ups" received a prize pack from the Houston Rockets.

The tour is launching again this season starting in September, but even if you aren’t on the tour you can still get one of the Clutch Good Night Show books at your local Mattress Firm while quantities last.  Visit to find a location nearest you.