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Blog: RPD in China

The Rockets Power Dancers are currently on a whirlwind tour performing throughout China. Enjoy this running travel blog and check back for new updates and pictures.

RPD around the “City Wall” of Xi’an
RPD around the “City Wall” of Xi’an


Hey Guys!

Today was a free day for us so we rented bikes to ride around the “City Wall” of Xi’an!  We rode 9 miles!!! It was so fun and very neat to see the entire city during the bike ride.  We can say we got our workout in too! The weather is nice and breezy here so a bike ride was perfect! For lunch and dinner we had traditional Chinese meals and managed to squeeze in Dairy Queen ice cream, but we just worked the ice cream off with a tough practice to prepare for tomorrow’s event! Until next time….





Hey guys!

Today was a busy but fun 2nd day in Xi’an! We woke up bright and early for a healthy breakfast before leaving our hotel to the event center at 8:20am! Today was our fist work day and the girls were super excited about it! They were itching to DANCE since we arrived here!  RPD performed six times today with their first two performances being back to back for the media at 10:40am! The crowd responded to them great after every single performance!  There were tons of video cameras and cameras in their faces, but the girls didn’t mind that at all! We took a break for lunch where we went to the world famous Mc Donald’s followed by a little shopping in the streets before having to head back to the exhibition center for our second half of performances.

Having to do a total of six high energy routines back to back truly showed the athleticism of the RPD! Houston would be proud!

Now take a guess of how we ended our hard work day…. more shopping of course!! :)




Today was our 2nd work day here in Xi’an!  RPD performed 6 routines, twice in the AM and four times in the afternoon.  They received a strong response after their hip hop routine to a mix of Kanye’s “Mercy” to which our NBA Rep said that the media and the crowd called RPD “AMAZING!”  We take that as a great compliment since the entertainment here in China is phenomenal and very unique! They’ve seen it all, but nothing ever like the Power Dancers! ;)

RPD impressed the crowd so much today that they received “wow’s” from the crowd once they hit their hard unexpected ending pose!  They truly have been working hard…even practicing right up until performance time.  They were also complimented on how professional they are!

These are all great things to hear because their goal is to appear at every event as nothing but the best representation for the Houston Rockets. 

There wasn’t very much free time today, but we did however have dinner with our rep to celebrate the “Mid-Autumn Festival” which is a traditional Holiday here in China.  We’re off to relax for the night to restore our energy for tomorrow’s event! Until next time…





Ni Hao from Xi’an!

RPD did a FANTASTIC job at their event today! They’re still wowing the crowd and the media with 6 non-stop energetic routines! Houston, you would be so proud! We’ll be sending video of the performances soon! As special guest for the Dongfeng Autoshow, everyday the Power Dancers have been dancing on a stage with a model vehicle parked on it…so they truly have performed great with the limitations of stage room.  After every performance, they’ll take photos next to the vehicle for the media and the crowd.  Although the event days are long, with this being the 3rd event in a row, it flew by really fast today! We’re getting used to the flow of the schedule now.  The girls are living a dancers dream…they wake up to eat breakfast then dance, eat lunch then dance, eat dinner then practice, and then they do it all over again the next day! The sweet life of RPD! They’re working very hard, but it’s all paying off!

We decided to stay in for dinner tonight, so after a quick practice today, we all went to our hotel rooms where we will be ordering room service for dinner tonight!  Xi’an is a smaller city so there isn’t much to see here historically….but, we’re having such a good time and enjoying the nice weather! 

We miss you Houston!  We’ll see you soon!    




Hello again!

Well, today was our 2nd to last day to perform at the Dongfeng Autoshow.  It was our usual day of 6 performances and posing for photos…another great day of course!  We had some downtime in between performances today, so we had fun conversations about the upcoming season, what RPD is excited about, and how they can’t wait for you to see their new dance style!  We had a relaxing evening, after dinner we took a walk down the street from our hotel and found a great shopping area!  The weather is lovely here..it made for a nice evening walk! 

We hope you’re enjoying yourselves down in H-Town!  We can’t wait to get back and see you at the Toyota Center!



Ni hao, Rockets fans! This is Rachel writing all the way from Beijing, China!

Today officially marks the last performance of our China tour. Our fans at NBA Nation were back again to cheer us on with the Houston Rockets bangers that we brought with us from home. What a great way to leave Quanzhou; in Rockets red! After our performance, we were treated to lunch at a local American-style hamburger joint called Mos Hamburgers before heading to Beijing. Mickey D's has some competition over here, especially with Mos' chicken nuggets.  On our walk back to the hotel, we stopped by a tiny candy store that carried things like gummy worms, chocolate covered hazel nuts, oh and chicken feet. There, Paige and I decided it would be a great idea to sample dried shrimp. We were wrong! It had a hard jerky texture with a strong shrimp aftertaste. Not my favorite, but at least we got some funny video of our reactions!

Starting the long journey back to Texas is bittersweet for us. We miss our families terribly, and most of us are a bit homesick now. But we know traveling to China has been an opportunity of a lifetime, and we appreciate every second of it. That includes all the behind-the-scenes planning it took for us to get here, Maggie's constant help and direction in China, and performing for all of our fans in Xi'an and Quanzhou.

What a great opportunity it has been for each of us to experience the Chinese culture and to represent the Houston Rockets and RPD. It has been a team building experience as well, and now we are even more pumped about the upcoming season and the new era of the Houston Rockets!

See you very soon, Red Nation!

Love, Rachel



Hello Houston! 

It feels great to be back home! RPD did a fantastic job in China!!!  

I can't wait for you to see your Power Dancers this year! I just know you'll love their energy and new dance style!  I can honestly say that out of my entire NBA career I have never heard NBA China speak so highly of another dance team in the league.  It truly is something so special! They labeled your RPD as the BEST they have seen at NBA Nation!  What a huge compliment...we're very humbled by this! We work very HARD and we're just getting started!

The girls are exhausted from the two long flights we took to get back to the U.S., but they are grateful for the opportunity they have had!  Our bodies may be yelling at us to rest, but we can't help the excitement we're feeling for our first preseason home game coming up this Friday! :) They can't wait to dance for you...our FANS in our HOUSE!!

A huge thank you goes out to those involved with the Dongfeng Autoshow, NBA China, our reps at the NBA who have helped us out with all things regarding the trip, our tour guides, our NBA agent rep who spent every day with us, and of course the Rockets Organization for your support in RPD!! We couldn't thank all of you enough! :) 

We hope you have enjoyed our blog Red Nation!  We'll see you at the Toyota Center! Go Rockets! Go RPD!