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Offseason Report Card Header
2012-13 Season Stats
W-L 29-53
PCT .354
DIV 5-11
CONF 15-37
HOME 22-19
ROAD 7-34
No All-Stars here but plenty of quality personnel in veterans like Emeka Okafor, Nene, Trevor Ariza, Martell Wesbter, Chris Singleton, Trevor Booker, Kevin Seraphin and Jan Vesely. The addition of versatile rookie Otto Porter Jr. only makes this unit deeper and more dynamic.
John Wall is officially the face of this franchise now that he has that five-year, $80 million extension. He and Bradley Beal will be expected to play and produce at an elite level while Eric Maynor and Glen Rice Jr. provide reinforcements. You need to grade on potential to get a true gauge of what they could do next season.
The Wizards ranked among the league's elite defensively last season, an odd distinction for a lottery team. But when you have the size, athleticism and versatility they possess, it's understandable. They'll be able to guard inside and out and particularly in transition.
Another team with an assortment of bodies but no real chemistry to speak of, yet. A quality bench has to have specific parts, specialists even, that work in concert as a unit. The Wizards are still trying to develop that sort of harmony.
As they say in the world of analytics, numbers never lie. Randy Wittman's career record is rough (147-291 in his career and 47-84 in Washington). But he found something with the Wizards in the second half of the last season.

The time is now for this Wizards team to exit its perpetual lottery status and move into the playoff mix in the Eastern Conference. They have the roster pieces lined up and in place, Wall is healthy and feeling good with his future already set. The only thing to do now is translate all of this into the win column. And inevitably as other teams in the Eastern Conference (Boston, Atlanta, Milwaukee, etc.) take a momentary dip, the Wizards have to take advantage of their opportunities and step into that void.

So much of what they do will be predicated on Wall playing the same way all season that he did in the final 49 games last season. He was a the difference maker the Wizards thought he would be when they drafted him with the No. 1 overall pick in 2010. Wall is young, 22, for a team leader. But there is no doubt that this is his team. There is no veteran presence on the roster that trumps him. He has to assume the leadership role for this crew on and off the court. They go as he goes next season.

-- John Schuhmann

2012-13 Team Rating
Offense Defense
97.8 100.6
30th Overall 8th Overall