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Offseason Report Card Header
2012-13 Season Stats
W-L 41-41
PCT .500
DIV 7-9
CONF 24-28
HOME 24-17
ROAD 17-24
What is the sound made when you reach for Dwight Howard and come away with Samuel Dalembert? Splat! Oh well, they get a healthy Dirk Nowitzki back.
What if Devin Harris provides better return for one-year, $1.3 million than Jose Calderon (four years, $29 million), Monta Ellis (three years, $26 million)? Could happen.
Dalembert will help the Mavs improve marginally at the basket, but Ellis and Calderon the backcourt won't move them out of lower half of league rankings.
Calderon is a decent addition and DeJuan Blair could bring a spark after the last two stifled seasons in San Antonio. But the Mavs still lack size.
If you thought Rick Carlisle proved his mettle by guiding the Mavs to the championship in 2011, this is the third straight season that will test his sanity.

Another summer of swinging for the fences and another summer of Mavericks fans feeling nothing but a blast of hot air. Team owner Mark Cuban's grand plan to reel in free agents Dwight Howard or Chris Paul -- or both -- fell flat and now he's going to have a tough time fulfilling that promise to Nowitzki that the Mavs would be contenders again before the end of his career.

The return of a healthy Dirk will certainly put the punch back in the Dallas offense. But in a Western Conference where the arms race has is speeding up, it's quite hard to see the Mavericks contending for a playoff spot.

-- Fran Blinebury

2012-13 Team Rating
Offense Defense
105.9 106.5
14th Overall 19th Overall