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Offseason Report Card Header
Los Angeles
2012-13 Season Stats
W-L 45-37
PCT .573
DIV 8-8
CONF 28-24
HOME 29-12
ROAD 16-25
Dwight Howard? Metta World Peace? Of all the transitions ahead, there is nothing quite like the look of holdover Pau Gasol with Chris Kaman and Nick Young or Wesley Johnson.
Kobe Bryant-Steve Nash is a meeting of superstars. Unless it's Steve Blake and Nash for a while. Or Blake and Johnson. Bryant will be racing to get healthy.
It seemed worse than it actually was last season -- a reasonable 14th in shooting defense -- but the bottom could really drop out following the Howard and World Peace departures.
The constant problem of 2012-13 will continue into the new season, especially until Bryant returns and the Lakers get their preferred depth chart. At least they have a lot of guards.
Mike D'Antoni can coach. The question is whether he can coach this team, with its older legs, or whether he can step away from the up-tempo system to fit these Lakers.

It's still impossible to look away, only now for different reasons than a year ago at this time. Realistic championship hopes are so 2012, replaced by wonder if the Lakers can just make the playoffs. Howard, counted on to be the superstar for the post-Bryant years, ran for the door. Kobe is trying to return from a serious injury at what would be a late stage of his career under the best of health circumstances. This will be memorable viewing either way.

Meanwhile, this is either the beginning of the next Bryant in-your-face retort or a water break for the horse carrying Kobe into the sunset. But count him out at your own risk.

-- Scott Howard-Cooper

2012-13 Team Rating
Offense Defense
105.6 103.6
8th Overall 19th Overall