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New York
2012-13 Season Stats
W-L 54-28
PCT .659
DIV 10-6
CONF 37-15
HOME 31-10
ROAD 23-18
The Knicks basically have the best of both ends of the floor in their frontcourt, as long as Carmelo Anthony doesn't get too iso-happy and Tyson Chandler plays more like he did two seasons ago than like he did last year.
The Knicks were at their best last season when they played two point guards together and the addition of Beno Udrih will let them do that again. Still, the offensive development of Iman Shumpert will be critical.
At 33 years old, Metta World Peace can still help here, where the Knicks really regressed last season. But the addition of Andrea Bargnani and more games from Amar'e Stoudemire could hurt the D as much as MWP helps it.
Add J.R. Smith to Bargnani and Stoudemire and you have three offense-only reserves. But the Knicks still have more talent on their bench than most teams do. And Pablo Prigioni is a critical glue guy on both ends.
Mike Woodson made the most of an unbalanced roster with the Knicks' Melo-and-threes offense in the regular season. But when that offense went cold in the playoffs, he was slow to come up with any real adjustments.

The Knicks were a strange team last season, with a ridiculously potent offense early in the season and again late. They had the league's leading scorer and set records for the most 3-pointers made and attempted in a single season. But that offense hit a wall in the playoffs and the Knicks were bounced in the conference semifinals.

They added World Peace and Bargnani, but Jason Kidd has taken a lot of those threes and critical leadership to the Brooklyn bench. And whether the Knicks can recapture their offensive magic is as big a question as whether they can improve on a mediocre defense.

The other Eastern Conference contenders have improved around them and the Knicks will have to get better from within in order to keep pace. If Shumpert can expand his game and Chandler can regain his Defensive Player of the Year form, they can remain near the top of the East.

-- John Schuhmann

2012-13 Team Rating
Offense Defense
108.6 103.5
3rd Overall 17th Overall