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Offseason Report Card Header
2012-13 Season Stats
W-L 21-61
PCT .265
DIV 6-10
CONF 18-34
HOME 15-26
ROAD 6-35
Al Jefferson, Cody Zeller, Bismack Biyombo, Brendan Haywood and Josh McRoberts give the Bobcats a nice rotation and power forward and center. Michael Kidd-Gilchrist is poised for a breakout season at small forward, even with a limited offensive arsenal.
Gerald Henderson and Kemba Walker are the headliners with a solid supporting cast of Jeffery Taylor, Ramon Sessions, Ben Gordon and recent free agent pick up Jannero Pargo to provide depth. Consistency from this group is what will set them apart.
There's no excuse for a group with this many quality athletes to perform as they did last season. Steve Clifford is going to demand his team plays defense at a higher level. Accountability and discipline on defense will help turn things around.
Sessions, Taylor and Gordon can be game-changers if used properly. If Zeller starts at power forward alongside Jefferson, Biyombo and Haywood will help as shot-blocking bigs off the bench. Consistent production is needed, though, no matter who is on this crew.
Clifford has to be an improvement on Mike Dunlap, who obviously didn't have much to work with in the way of seasoned talent. Clifford comes in with glowing praise from the Van Gundys (he worked under and alongside both Jeff and Stan).

All the name changes and coaching changes in the world won't change the Bobcats bottom line if this crew can't learn how to compete at the highest level on a consistent basis. The addition of Jefferson gives the Bobcats a low-post anchor that they can work around. Jefferson is not on the Dwight Howard-Roy Hibbert-Brook Lopez-level in terms of sheer talent, but he is as consistent as they come at his position. And if he can do for the Bobcats what he did in Utah, then the there is at least a starting point for Clifford to work with.

Walker and Henderson put up solid numbers on a brutal team. The challenge for them now is to see if they can produce in the same way for a team with playoff aspirations. It sounds easier to do than it really is, because as the talent base increases, someone's production will inevitably take a dip. In a top down league, the Bobcats needs an upgrade in production from the top down. And that goes for the roster and the folks who put that roster together.

-- Sekou Smith

2012-13 Team Rating
Offense Defense
98.3 108.9
28th Overall 30th Overall