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Midseason Report Cards
Los Angeles
Stats Through Jan. 20
W-L 16-26
PCT .381
DIV 4-6
CONF 9-18
HOME 8-11
ROAD 8-15
For all the attention on the never-ending Pau Gasol roller-coaster ride, he's hardly the biggest problem when the Lakers have no center. Wesley Johnson is a valued defender.
There's no such thing. Just a bunch of broken pieces, a long line to the training room and a few guys trying to gather what passes for a rotation.
The rating is terrible, but at least the Lakers are around the middle of the pack in shooting defense, a plus considering the lack of defenders and no consistent lineup.
How bad can it be? The Lakers have the best sixth-string point guard in history. Actually, some reserves have produced in bigger roles than expected, even out of position.
Mike D'Antoni won't win any popularity contests, as he knows better than anyone, but he has done well under the circumstances. That the Lakers have stayed together says something.

Train. Wreck.

This is the season they became the gutty Lakers, a team trying to hold together amid adversity and scrap together enough wins to stay afloat. Exactly not what they would want to be, in other words. This was supposed to be about Bryant coming back with something to prove, Nash returning after months of offseason rehab, and Nick Young as a complementary scorer. Not Nick Young as the leading scorer.

It's not the Lakers' fault that anyone who plays point guard is given the ball and a rehab schedule that will take effect within a few days. But problems are problems. The watch now is whether the roster gets enough time together in the second half to be evaluated moving forward.

-- Scott Howard-Cooper

2013-14 Team Rating
Offense Defense
100.9 105.6
22nd Overall 26th Overall