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Midseason Report Cards
New York
Stats Through Jan. 20
W-L 15-26
PCT .366
DIV 2-5
CONF 12-15
HOME 7-14
ROAD 8-12
Carmelo Anthony hasn't been quite as good as he was last season, but mostly because he hasn't had nearly as much help. Tyson Chandler has missed 24 games and Andrea Bargnani has been a terrible fit.
The Knicks can be pretty good when Raymond Felton plays well, but that hasn't happened much. Iman Shumpert has been mostly disappointing. The two point guard lineup that worked last season has barely been used.
The numbers speak for themselves. The Knicks have been a bottom-five defensive team and Chandler's health has been just one of many issues. Rarely are all five guys on the same page on that end of the floor.
More important than J.R. Smith's bad behavior has been his bad basketball. He's having his worst shooting season and still stopping the offense. Amar'e Stoudemire showed some promise before getting injured again.
Mike Woodson hasn't been able to come up with any answers, but was dealt a bad hand in the first place. When Chandler went down, the only healthy bigs he had were Bargnani (the worst defensive big of the last several years) and Cole Aldrich.

No team has regressed more from last season (both in terms of winning percentage and point differential) than the Knicks. The roster hasn't changed that much, but they've had injuries, and the guys who returned just haven't played as well.

The Knicks' biggest problem is that their pieces just don't fit together, a problem that was exacerbated when they gave up three draft picks to pay Bargnani $23 million over the next two seasons. Not only is the former No. 1 pick a major defensive liability, but he hasn't really helped the offense. The Knicks have been better on both ends of the floor with Bargnani on the bench than with him on the floor, and he's played more minutes than anyone but Anthony.

The Knicks have the talent to grab a top-six spot in the Eastern Conference, avoid the Pacers or Heat in the first round, and maybe even get to the conference semis for a second straight year. But they've got a lot of issues to fix before they can even think about that. In the meantime, they have to wonder if Anthony will want to stay beyond this season and if they should want to keep him.

-- John Schuhmann

2013-14 Team Rating
Offense Defense
101.5 105.9
20th Overall 27th Overall