Wayne Embry Fellowship provides one Canadian the opportunity to gain firsthand experience in a professional basketball operations environment.

The fellowship consists of rotations to provide growth of knowledge and experience in all facets of an NBA basketball team. These include: coaching, scouting, team services, player development, medical, financial, equipment, travel and DLeague. Each rotation will include a mentor and specific responsibilities in order to learn the role that each department plays within an NBA organization.

As the fellow, you will also have the opportunity gain event operations experience at NBA Summer League and Basketball without Borders world camp held during NBA All-Star weekend. Travel and accommodations for these events will be covered as part of the Fellowship experience. Fellow will receive a $30,000 CAD stipend which will be paid out semi-monthly.

Applications for the 2018-19 Wayne Embry Fellowship will begin April 1, 2018.


The Toronto Raptors are looking for an individual who exemplifies a passion and commitment to the game of Basketball in the spirit of Wayne Embry's career over his 50-years as a leader within the NBA.

Mr. Embry is a big believer in letters that begin with the letter P: Perseverance, Persistence, Preparation, Passion, Perception and Pride. If you have demostrated a commitment to these same words in your life, then this may be the opportunity for you!

To find out more about Mr. Embry, click here to read his bio.


Sam Bhachu