2018-19 Membership Wait List

There is no doubt that the Toronto Raptors have the best fans in the NBA. The tremendous support you have shown for your Toronto Raptors has been overwhelming. Due to the amount of interest in Toronto Raptors Membership we are introducing a Membership Wait List.

The Toronto Raptors are incredibly excited for the future of this team and we would love for you to be a part of that future with us. If you are looking to purchase a Membership for the 2018-19 Season, join our Wait List today.

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How much is it?

  • $100 Per Seat (up to a maximum of 4 seats)
  • A $100 deposit per seat will be applied towards a future Membership purchase. The deposit will not depend on desired seat location, all deposits will be $100

Why do I have to pay?

There are two reasons a fee is required to join the Wait List:

  1. To confirm your interest in purchasing a Membership
  2. To reserve your spot on the Membership Wait List

NOTE: The deposit fee will also be applied to your Membership purchase once made

What do I get when I place my deposit to join the Wait List?

  • Priority Access to purchase a Membership before the general public
  • Priority Access to purchase Playoff Tickets before the general public (when available)
  • Priority Access to single tickets, half season and mini packs
  • Access to VIP holds for select games

How Does It Work?

  • Select your desired seat preference with one of our four Deposit Categories (Upper Bowl, Lower Bowl Ends, Lower Bowl Sides, Courtsides) to view seat locations click here.
  • You will be contacted regarding the opportunity to purchase Membership associated with the Deposit Category that you select
  • Within 1 month of placing your deposit you will receive an email with your Wait List priority number, along with an introduction to one of our sales representatives
  • Once available inventory has been identified our team of service representatives will defer to our Wait List and select the name based on available location/category and priority number
  • Once an offer is made, list members will be provided with a maximum of three business days to respond. If there is no response, that list member will forfeit their opportunity to purchase and the Raptors will move to the next number on the Wait List
  • In the event that you decline three (3) offers to purchase Membership, you will be reassigned a priority number at the bottom of the Toronto Raptors Membership Wait List in accordance with the Toronto Raptors Membership Wait List Official Terms and Conditions

NOTE: the deposit is non-refundable but can be used towards a future MLSE purchase

Once you make the conversion from the Wait List, you will receive the following Toronto Raptors Membership benefits:

  • Savings of up to 40% per game when compared to single ticket dynamic prices
  • The best available seat locations
  • Priority access to purchase your seats for Playoffs
  • Access to Special Events (Meet and Greets, Membership Holder Parties)

Other FAQ's

  • What is the max amount of tickets I can purchase?

    Each account can make a deposit of up to four seats, allowing them to purchase a MAXIMUM of four seats

    NOTE: an individual/company/entity may only make one (1) Deposit in one (1) Deposit Category (i.e. an individual/company/entity cannot have more than one (1) priority number on the List, regardless of Deposit Category).

  • Can I Change the Information on my account?

    You can change your email and your phone number on our account manager

    Please always make sure your information is up to date so for any reason we may need to contact you we can do so

    If you need to update your information please click here

    Your priority number on the Wait List is non-transferable

  • Do I need to join the Wait List if I already havea Membership?

    If you are looking to purchase seats in addition to the ones you already own, then yes you would have to join the Wait List

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