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Toronto Raptors Season Tickets are a valuable resource used by businesses to increase their bottom line and moti9vate employees. Consider the following examples of how Raptors season tickets can help various departments within your business:

Sales Department
  • Entertain a potential client at a game. Enjoy the comfort and amenities of the Platinum Club, Air Canada Club or Hot Stove Club before or during the game
  • Reward a new client for their business
  • Repair a client relationship that has recently soured
  • Offer tickets as an incentive to a sales representative within your company who:
    • Achieves the most sales for any given day, week or month
    • Makes the most sales calls
    • Retains the most business within a given period of time
  • Reward administrative personnel who provide the valuable behind the scenes work necessary for sales department to be successful
  • Entertain a former client who has not done any business recently
Human Resources Department
  • Recruit a potential employee
  • Welcome a new employee on their first week
  • Celebrate an employees birthday
  • Offer within company raffles and contests
  • Reward and retain high performing employees
Business Development Department
  • Use tickets as part of an event celebrating your current clients
  • Offer tickets as an incentive for business you work with to refer clients your way
  • Reward employees that bring potential clients for new business development
  • Use tickets when entertaining current clients to encourage them to increase their business with you
Marketing Department
  • Use tickets in a draw to attract potential customers to your place of business or your web site, or encourage other desired behavior
  • Offer free tickets to people to entice them to participate in a focus group
Customer Service Department
  • Surprise an upset customer with complimentary Raptors tickets
  • Reward employees who go above and beyond the call of duty
  • Reward an employee for service recognition, by a customer
  • Surprise a loyal customer with tickets for his/her birthday
Part-Time Staff, Interns and Volunteers
  • Reward volunteers for their hard work
  • Reward and integrate part time workers into the organization
Accounting Department
  • Reward customer or vendors who consistently pay their bills on time
  • Reward the accounting department for their hard work during the year end closing of the books
Information Systems
  • Reward the IT department and their vendors for their diligence in maintaining the companys network
  • Use tickets as trade for service work on the network
  • Offer tickets to a charitable organization so that other less fortunate can attend Raptor games and enjoy the NBA experience
  • Donate tickets to a charity of your choice or participate in Give a Kid a Game program through the Team Up Foundation and receive a tax receipt