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  Number Crunching Before Raptors-Bucks

Jan. 28, 2011, 3:25 PM

Hip Hop legend Rob Base is in town tonight and the Raptors will hope he can bring a little JOY to Toronto’s PAIN over the past few weeks! Jay Triano and company are stuck in the midst of a nine-game losing streak … looking to break the funk against the Milwaukee Bucks this evening before they leave ACC for another three-game road trip.

Injuries have been one of the biggest issues surrounding the Raps for a good chunk of the season and while the M*A*S*H unit can’t be used as an excuse for what this team can go through, it is a factor nonetheless.

With the additions of Alexis Ajinca and Trey Johnson, Toronto has now had 21 different players in uniform over the course of the 2010-11 season. And we haven’t even hit the trade deadline yet, which could increase the odds of another new player or two being added to the mix.

Players to dress for Toronto in a SEASON:

1997-98 24
2003-04 23
This Season 21
1996-97 21
2000-01 20

One player who hasn’t been banged up this season is swingman, DeMar DeRozan. DD has appeared in all 46 games for the Raptors and he’s starting to show some serious signs of raising his game to that ‘next level’.

Not only has the youngster been on a tear for nearly six weeks now –- leading all sophomores in scoring in the month of January (DeRozan - 20.6 PPG, Tyreke Evans - 20.0 PPG, Stephen Curry - 18.2 PPG) -- but he has vaulted into the league’s elite over the last 10 days specifically:

NBA Scoring - Last 5 Games

LeBron James (MIA) - 33.4
Kevin Durant (OKC) - 29.0
Dwyane Wade (MIA) - 28.2
Carmelo Anthony (DEN) - 27.0
Eric Gordon (LAC) - 26.8
Monta Ellis (GS) - 26.4
DeMar DeRozan (TOR) - 25.6

Forward Amir Johnson is the only other Raptor to appear in all 46 games so far this season –- in spite of the fact that he’s been battling a bad back for a good chunk of the year and has been a ‘game time decision’ on a numbers of occasions.

And keeping Johnson healthy and in the line up would seem to be important for Toronto given how potent #15’s offence has been. Though he’s averaging ‘only’ 9.5 PPG, his 58.6% FG shooting is third-best in the NBA:

FG% Leaders in the NBA

Nene (DEN) - 64.6%
Emeka Okafor (NO) - 59.2%
Amir Johnson (TOR) - 58.6%
Lamar Odom (LAL) - 57.5%
Al Horford (ATL) - 57.0%

Johnson is also 37th in the NBA in rebounds per game (6.3), and 31st in the league in blocks per game.

Following tonight’s home game against the Bucks, Toronto will hit the road for three straight in Minnesota, Indiana, and Atlanta.

Have a good one,

E. Smith
Raptors Radio Analyst

  Random Thoughts From Around The NBA...

Jan. 26, 2011, 1:21 PM

I was sitting around this morning... doing some game/show prep for tonight's tilt between the Raptors and 76ers and I realized that I haven't really checked in with some Random Thoughts from around the league in quite some time. So let's get at it!

Boston – One word: Resilient

New York – They're decent but I told ya they'd eventually fall back to where they should be

Philadelphia – Gotta give Doug Collins a TON of credit here

Toronto – Admittedly, it hasn't been a pretty season. But it really doesn't seem like this team has gone 5 and 21 since they were 8 and 11

New Jersey – Anybody else believe that the Nets' interest in Carmelo Anthony ISN'T over?

Chicago – Just think... last April they were THAT CLOSE to being on the outside looking in.

Indiana – Forget the team for a second... I've got to say: The Pacers have one of the BEST arenas in the entire league. Period.

Milwaukee – Brandon Jennings should be returning any day now...

Detroit – Rip Hamilton deserves better than the way he's being treated

Cleveland – I hate to say I told ya so...

Miami – I'm glad so many were proven wrong with their "70+ wins" predictions

Atlanta – Good team but I still don't believe they're a true contender in the East

Orlando – I'll admit: I was wrong. I didn't think the 2 trades would work. But so far they are!

Charlotte – A ‘new voice' in the locker room doesn't always work but in this case it sure seems like it is. And I love seeing Charles Oakley back in the league

Washington – Charles Barkley's "Dougie" was better than John Wall's version

San Antonio – If Jerry West is "The Logo"... the Spurs are "The Model" (franchise, that is)

Dallas – Something smells very fishy around Peja Stojakovic...

New Orleans – Great to see/hear that the team won't be going anywhere anytime soon. The folks in that area need as much good news as they can get.

Memphis – Can someone please tell Rudy Gay that New Jersey isn't really warmer than Toronto... it was simply the windchill that met him in T.O.... which was gone in Jersey by the time the Grizzlies landed in the swamplands.

Houston – Shane Battier is a free agent this summer. I love his game and leadership

Oklahoma City – It's hard to not cheer for the anti-LeBron, Kevin Durant

Utah – If only they were better on the road (yes, I know they're above .500 (12-11) but …still)

Denver – I feel for Masai Uriji

Portland – Has one NBA franchise – ever – been more snake-bitten by injuries than the Blazers?

Minnesota – Where in the world is Carmen... errr... Ricky Rubio?

LA Lakers – I've never seen so much criticism and worry from folks over a 33 and 13 team!

Phoenix – Tough spot to be in: break up the vets and admit the bubble may have burst or tweak with a trade or two and make another run at it?

Golden State – The best thing the Warriors did is NOT trade Monta Ellis

LA Clippers – How can I not say something about Blake Griffin? Future MVP

Sacramento – Has DeMarcus Cousins smiled yet?

Paul Jones and I will be on Sportsnet Radio, The Fan 590 tonight at 7pm with all of the action between the Sixers and Raptors. And don't forget to keep it tuned to us after the game as well; we'll be hosting "The Rap" and taking your phone calls until 11pm. Remember, we broadcast that post-game show from the Real Sport Apparel Store...just outside the ACC.

Have a good one folks!

E. Smith
Raptors Radio Analyst

  Number Crunching Before The Grizzlies Visit

Jan. 24, 2011, 3:21 PM

Packers or Steelers … who are ya going with?

Anyway … moving on from yesterday's football games, let's focus-in on the Raptors' return to ACC tonight … with Toronto playing host to the Memphis Grizzlies.

Not only are the Raps desperate for a win –- having lost seven in a row –- but they're trying to get themselves back on track at ACC as well. Toronto, normally a pretty solid HOME team, has lost eight of its last 10 at home.

The Raptors are coming off a loss to the Miami Heat – their fifth in a row on their five-game road trip and seventh in a row overall. But Toronto ‘battled' in the second half against LeBron James and Co. … cutting a 26-point deficit down to seven before ultimately losing 120-103:

  1st Half  2nd Half
Point Differential -26 +9
Toronto FG% 33.3 59.5
Miami FG% 53.3 51.4
Toronto 3PT FG 0/1 5/7
Miami 3PT FG 10/16 6/10

One of the keys to the game tonight will certainly be … stopping the Grizzlies in the PAINT! Memphis is #1 in the league in that category (just over 49 PPG) and, on the flip side, Toronto is dead-last in the NBA … giving up just over 48 PPG.

Points in the Paint
Memphis - 49.1
LA Clippers - 47.8
LA Lakers - 46.2
Toronto - 45.9
Boston - 44.0

That doesn't bode well for T.O. but perhaps they can use their speed and transition game to their advantage:

Fast Break Points per game
Toronto 20.1
Golden State 18.7
Philadelphia 16.2
San Antonio 15.6
Oklahoma City 15.5

One of the players that has been keying the attack for Toronto –- in spite of their losing streak –- in second-year swingman, DeMar DeRozan. The athletic wing has really come into his own of the last four-plus weeks and he's playing with a ton of confidence right now.

Following a 30-point outing in Saturday's loss to the Heat, DeRozan is now averaging just under 20 PPG this month -– topping all SOPHOMORES in the league:

Demar Derozan (TOR) - 19.5
Tyreke Evans (SAC) - 19.4
Stephen Curry (GS) - 18.4
Wesley Matthews (POR) - 16.9
Darren Collison (IND) - 15.8

Finally, with the Grizzlies in town tonight … now would seem like a good time to have some fun and remind folks of www.vancouvernba.org … haha.

Paul Jones and I will be on Sportsnet Radio, The FAN 590 at 7pm tonight with all of the action and we'll host "The Rap" –- our post-game show –- as well until 11 p.m.

Have a good one,

E. Smith
Raptors Radio Analyst

* Thanks to Jumpin Johnny Rusin for his help with some of these stats!

  A Little Potpourri From The Magic Kingdom

Jan. 21, 2011, 1:05 PM

The Raptors continue their five-game road trip with a stop in Orlando tonight.

Toronto has dropped five in a row -- including three straight on this tour away from the ACC –- and they're facing a rejuvenated Magic team that pulled off two major blockbuster deals since Jay Triano and co. last saw them.

To get you primed and ready for tonight's tilt I thought we'd do a bit of a potpourri … with some Number Crunching and a mini- Tweet Spot!

- - - - -

@DutchMasterB - Do you see Toronto being a player in the free agent market this spring/summer? If so what type of player(s) will we go after?

@Eric__Smith – They're a player in that they have a lot of money to spend. But after (likely) a tough season, they'll have to work to ‘sell' it to free agents

@SikhWithIt - Will the Raps put Davis on a serious muscle-building off season training regiment, to develop him as an undersized gritty C?

@Eric__Smith – Forget the position, almost EVERY player gets on a program. At the pro level you get the best training, advice, diet, etc. Plus your body simply matures/grows

@eri095 - Does a healthy Jose get moved by the trade deadline? I hope not.

@Eric__Smith – I don't think you can ever say ‘never' to any player (Kareem was dealt; Gretzky, and so on) but that'd leave a big hole at the point

@asif9t9 - Is Wayne Embry an advisor to Colangelo or to Peddie?

@Eric__Smith – Technically, both. He's a "Senior Basketball Advisor" … so he's there to help any/all

- - - - -

I mentioned the Magic earlier … and the two trades they pulled off this season. Take a look at the impact those deals have had on Orlando:

  Before Trade Since Trade
Record 16-10 11-5
Pts/Game 96.9 104.7
FG% 46.4 46.6
3FG% 35.2 41.1
Assists/Game 18.3 22.4

- - - - -

As you know by now, DeMar DeRozan has been named to the 2011 Slam Dunk Contest – replacing injured Bucks' guard, Brandon Jennings. DeRozan will compete against Blake Griffin (LAC), Serge Ibaka (OKC), and JaVale McGee (WSH).

But what about the season DeRozan is having on the floor for the Raptors … and the way he has thrust himself into the spotlight –- playing on another level –- for the better part of the last month?

He's quickly moving up the sophomore scoring charts and his participation in the dunk contest will only help his (and the Raptors (as a team)) profile as well.

GAMES with 20+ PTS this season (SOPHOMORES)

Tyreke Evans (SAC) - 17
Wesley Matthews (POR) - 16
Stephen Curry (GS) - 15
Demar Derozan (TOR) - 11
Brandon Jennings (MIL) - 11

Paul Jones and I will be on Sportsnet Radio, The FAN 590 at 7pm tonight to bring you all of the action between the Magic and Raptors.

Have a good one,

E. Smith
Raptors Radio Analyst

  Number Crunching From The Lone Star State

Jan. 19, 2011, 2:46 PM

It's been about a week since I checked in with a little NUMBER CRUNCHING, so as the Raptors gets set to face the league's best team tonight –- the San Antonio Spurs –- let's break down a few stats and storylines to watch...

The Raptors have held their opponents to under 45 per cent from the floor in three of their last four games and teams are averaging just 43.9 per cent against Toronto over the last five games. However, the Raps have only one win in the last five, they're currently riding a four-game losing streak and the next three (beginning tonight) are against some of the best in the league:

San Antonio (35-6)
Friday @ ORL (26-15)
Saturday @ MIA (30-13)

Not only are the Spurs the league's best team THIS SEASON but if you go all the way back to 1997, San Antonio boasts that claim as well.

Here are the top Regular Season Records and Winning Percentages in the NBA since 1997:

San Antonio: 754-321 (.701)
LA Lakers: 709-367 (.659)
Dallas: 667-405 (.622)
Phoenix: 645-427 (602)

The Spurs have won four NBA titles during this time as well.

Want more on the mighty crew from San Antonio?

Well, let's jump back to the current-day Spurs and their dominance of the NBA this season.

Not only are they the number one team in the league with their 35-6 record, but they're in the Top 5 in every major offensive category as well:

Category Average Rank
3PT FG% 39.9 2ND
 Points per game 104.8 5TH
FG% 47.0 5TH
Assists per game 23.2 5TH

And for those wondering, who is behind the Spurs for the league's top records? Here ya go:

San Antonio (35-6)
Boston (31-9)
LA Lakers (31-12)
Miami (30-13)
Chicago (28-14)

Finally, let's give a little bit of love to the Raptors in spite of their current four-game losing streak.

Though he's coming off on 0'fer game against the Hornets (following a near triple-double against the Wizards), Jose Calderon is having a huge month so far in terms of assists:

Rajon Rondo (BOS) - 12.6
Jose Calderon (TOR) - 11.9
Steve Nash (PHX) - 11.9
John Wall (WSH) - 10.9
Deron Williams (UTH) - 9.6

Paul Jones and I will be on Sportsnet Radio, The Fan 590 at 8 p.m., Eastern tonight with the pre-game show (featuring interviews with Jose Calderon, PJ Carlesimo, and more) and we'll have the tip of the Spurs and Raptors just after 8:30 p.m.

Have a good one,

E. Smith
Raptors Radio Analyst

  Sights From New Orleans

Jan. 17, 2011, 1:09 PM

We're less than 3 hours away from tip-off in New Orleans but I still had a chance to wander around the city this morning - before packing my bags - and I snapped a few pictures while I was on my walk-about.

Enjoy some of the sights of the Crescent City in this quick BlackBerry Photo Blog!

Be sure to tune in to Sportsnet Radio, The Fan 590 at 3pm Eastern today for all of the action between the Hornets and Raptors. And don't forget to check out our halftime show as well ... for a VERY SPECIAL Martin Luther King Day tribute. You'll want to hear this!

Thanks folks ... Have a good one

E. Smith
Raptors Radio Analyst

  Game Day In The Tweet Spot

Jan. 14, 2011, 2:54 PM

It's been a while since we opened things open for a Q & A session in "The Tweet Spot". So on a cold January day … what better time?

Though nobody asked about the signing of Sundiata Gaines or the fact that the Raptors have recalled Solomon Alabi from the D-League, there were still plenty of questions rolling in at www.twitter.com/Eric__Smith

Check it out:

@BMDinTDOT - Whats the latest on the worlds longest "swollen knee" (Peja)?

@Eric__Smith – I've wondered the same thing and asked/speculated about it on the air too. Unfortunately, there is no new news.

@MissesThe90s - What do you see happening with Barbosa when his contract is up? Still young and very valuable. Could be a key piece going forward

@Eric__Smith – Tough to say NOW. He still has another year after this one – not like he's expiring at the end of THIS season. He has played well.

@Daoud_S - With news of Gerald Wallace possibly being acquired via the TPE for the Cavs, are expectations raised of BC's asset scouring?

@Eric__Smith – You know I hate dealing in rumours. But I don't think you ‘react' if you're BC; you still only make a move if it makes sense and helps your team

@jefflancaster – At the halfway pole, are we a better team this year with or without Chris Bosh?

@Eric__Smith – It's not an entirely fair question. The team is different. And the move to go forward without CB can't be measured in less than 40 games, it's a long-term thing.

@theSportJesters - Only bball question that matters: are Kim & Kris forever? Or will Kardashian crush Humphries' heart? Guess that's 2 questions.

@Eric__Smith – I think we both know the answer to that. I don't see a ring in anyone's future. Maybe I'm wrong. Have fun while it lasts.

@jakob_huber - How many W's do you think the Raptors will finish with & will it be enough to get into the playoffs?

@Eric__Smith – right now it's looking like 33-35 wins could get you in. Can Toronto go 20-24 over its last 44 games? Hmmm. Maaaybe.

@iTrott_NE_wear - Will the Raps keep this young team together & just let them grow together & figure out defense as they mature, or make moves?

@Eric__Smith – Let's just say I don't see an ‘overhaul' coming anytime soon. I think the bulk of the young core of this team with be held together. That's my gut.

@bosoxfan929 - Any word on what BC may do at the deadline?

@Eric__Smith – With 6+ weeks to to until the trade deadline, nothing is imminent. I've heard nothing serious rumbled around – but who knows what may / may not unfold!

Thanks for all of your questions folks. We'll do another Tweet Spot next week; try to get back into doing this weekly or bi-weekly.

Always good to chat with folks about the Raptors and the NBA!

Have a great day,

E. Smith
Raptors Radio Analyst

** And remember … Paul Jones and I will be on Sportsnet Radio, The Fan 590 at 7pm tonight with all of the action between the Pistons and Raptors at the ACC.

  Number Crunching In Toronto

Jan. 12, 2011, 2:40 PM

The Raptors will face a stiff test tonight against the 25-14 Atlanta Hawks but maybe that catch a team that's dragging its heels following a long night of snow-battling travel from Georgia!

Or maybe not.

Either way, the Raps have won two of their last three games and their offence has been on fire.

Raptors Field Goal % - Last 3 Games

@ Cleveland - 56.8%
@ Boston - 50.6%
vs Sacramento - 58.5%

This three-game stretch is the first time Toronto has shot 50+ per cent from the floor in three or more straight games since doing it last season between March 29 and April 3 (2010).

In fact, the Raptors offence is at or near the top of the league in a number of key categories. Even the once-meager Raps –- who seemed to shy away from contact and banging down low -– are among the league-leaders in points in the paint:

Points in the paint (NBA – 2010/11 season)

Memphis - 48.8
LA Clippers - 47.0
LA Lakers - 46.0
Toronto - 45.6
New York - 43.8

Toronto has a season-high 64 points in the paint during Sunday's win over Sacramento.

Here are the other offensive categories I was talking about:

Fastbreak Points per game (NBA)

Toronto - 20.4
Golden State - 17.9
Philadelphia - 16.7
Oklahoma City - 16.1
San Antonio - 16.0

Bench Points per game (NBA)

Detroit - 39.8
Philadelphia - 38.4
Phoenix - 37.8
Cleveland - 36.9
Denver - 35.9
Toronto - 35.7

The leader off Toronto's bench is guard Leandro Barboso, who is average more than 13 points per game this season (13.4 to be exact). But to be fair, the Raptors record may prevent the Brazilian Blur from getting serious consideration for the Sixth Man of the Year award at the end of the season.

The early leader(s) for that award –- based on ‘scoring' alone –- would likely be Jason Terry (Dallas) and a man you all will see tonight … Jamal Crawford.

The veteran guard is averaging 16.0 PPG for the Hawks this season and he's a big reason why his club is on pace for another 53-win season this year.

NBA Leaders in PPG off the Bench

Jamal Crawford (ATL) - 16.0
Jason Terry (DAL) - 14.6
Nick Young (WSH) - 13.6
Leandro Barbosa (TOR) - 13.4
Charlie Villanueva (DET) - 13.3
Daniel Gibson (CLE) - 13.3

Paul Jones and I will be on Sportsnet Radio, The FAN 590 at 7pm tonight with all of the action. And we'll have full post-game coverage with "The Rap" until 11pm as well.

Have a good one,

E. Smith
Raptors Radio Analyst twitter.com/eric__smith

* Thanks as always to my man Jumpin' Johnny Rusin for his help with some of these numbers!

  Checking In From Beantown

Jan. 7, 2011, 2:14 PM

It's game-day in Boston – one of my favourite stops on the NBA tour – and it's time to do more NUMBER CRUNCHING!

The Raptors are coming off their win over the Cleveland Cavaliers on Wednesday but the test will be a lot stiffer tonight.

The Celtics are 15-2 at home this season... as The Garden has proven to be a nasty joint for road teams.

  15 Wins 2 Losses
PPG 101.0 82.5
FG% 51.5 46.5
3 Point FG% 35.6 16.7
Assists/Game 26.9 18.0
Turnovers 14.0 15.5

The Raptors played the Celts well on Sunday (at the ACC) but ultimately lost the game; caving-in to the talent and experience that Boston possesses – let alone dealing with the nagging injuries that continue to plague Toronto.

Speaking of which... Jerryd Bayless is a no-go tonight. His ankle is simply too sore so he won't suit-up.

However, Jose Calderon, Amir Johnson, Leandro Barbosa, and Andrea Bargnani are all expected to play... so the Raptors are starting to get a good chunk of their core on the mend. Plus, Jay Triano mentioned at shoot-around this morning that he's hoping to have Sonny Weems back at practice (maybe by Saturday) soon – when the team returns to Toronto.

There's still no word or update on the status of Peja Stojakovic.

For what it's worth – this is something I mentioned the last time we were in Boston – Stojakovic and Ray Allen are both in the Top 5 of the NBA's all-time list for 3-pointers made.

Reggie Miller 2,560
Ray Allen 2,514
Dale Ellis 1,719
Peja Stojakovic 1,718
Jason Kidd

Seeing as we're on the topic of "scoring"... Kobe Bryant made a lot of headlines (rightfully so) earlier this week for cracking the Top 10 of the NBA's all-time SCORING list. But do folks realize how high his former teammate, Shaquille O'Neal, is on that list as well? How 'bout... Top 5!

NBA's All-Time Scoring Leaders (Total Points)
1. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 38,387
2. Karl Malone 36,928
3. Michael Jordan 32,292
4. Wilt Chamberlain 31,419
5. Shaquille O'Neal 28,504

Paul Jones and I will be on the FAN 590 tonight at 7pm with the pre-game show (featuring interviews with Jay Triano, Julian Wright, Micah Nori, and Jack Armstrong) and we'll have the tip-off of the Celtics and Raptors just after 730pm.

Have a good one!

E. Smith Raptors Radio Analyst

* Thanks, as always, to my man Jumpin' Johnny Rusin for his help with some of these numbers!

  Game Day In The Windy City

Jan. 4, 2011, 2:37 PM

Beginning tonight... the Raptors will have 3-straight games on the road and 8 of their next 11 at the ACC. I think I'm beginning to forget what Toronto looks like... let alone my family members!

But Jay Triano and Co. will get some 'assistance' tonight when they tip-off this 3-game trip against the Chicago Bulls... as Andrea Bargnani (calf) IS expected to play for the first time since before Christmas. Though Bargnani said he's still not 100 per cent... he's good enough to play and the trainers wouldn't give him the green light if they had any reservations.

Here is what the Raptors have done – as a team – without Bargnani in the line up:

Last 4 games without A.B.
  Last 4 gm Season Avg
PPG 88.3 100.2
FG% 43.8 46.2
3 Point FG% 18.9 31.8
FTA/Game 21.3 25.2
Turnovers/game 18.0 15.6

Bargnani leads the Raptors in PPG this season... sitting at 21.2... and he'll be back in the starting line up alongside Amir Johnson in Toronto's front court (Joey Dorsey back to the bench).

However, not all of the 'news' surrounding T.O. is good...

The Raps may have to go at it tonight without point guard Jose Calderon.

After colliding with Shaquille O'Neal on Sunday evening, Calderon is now dealing with two bad ankles – not just the one he's been trying to play through. He was in noticeable pain as the game was ending a couple of days ago. Though he says he'd like to give it a 'go' tonight against Chicago, Triano sounded less optimistic and made it sound like he was leaning towards the reality that the Spanish guard would NOT play tonight.

If Calderon is sidelined, Jerryd Bayless will start. Though Bayless missed Sunday's game with a bad ankle as well... he is expected to play this evening.

This would be the 'official' word on the injuries for tonight:

Bargnani – probable
Bayless – probable
Calderon – game time decision / questionable
Sonny Weems – OUT (back)
Peja Stojakovic – OUT (knee) />/>/>/>

Weems and Stojakovic are not with the team.

Healthy or not... the Raptors will have their hands full tonight with the mighty Bulls. Chicago has been on fire for a month+ now; turning their slow start to the season around in a hurry!

Check it out:

  First 17 games Last 15 games
Record 9-8 13-2
PPG 99.6 99.0
Opp. PPG 99.3 88.1
FG% 45.7 46.6
Opp FG% 44.5 40.7

Further to those impressive numbers overall... the Bulls are simply a nasty team to play on their home floor. The Mad House on Madison (aka – The United Center) has been rockin' and rollin' all year… to a tune of 14-3 at home for Chicago. That's the fourth-best HOME record in the NBA right now:

San Antonio 19-2
Boston 14-2
Denver 15-3
Chicago 14-3
Portland 12-3

Paul Jones and I will be on the Fan 590 at 730pm Eastern tonight with the pre game show and we'll have the tip off of the Bulls and Raptors just after 8pm.

Have a good one!

• Big shout-out to my man... TV stats guru, Jumpin' Johnny Rusin!

Eric Smith
Raptors Radio Analyst