DeRozan More Confident After Rookie Season

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June 17, 2010

DeMar DeRozan is spending his summer in Southern California after an auspicious rookie season with the Raptors where he started 65 of his 77 games and averaged 8.9 points per contest.

For the first time since he declared himself eligible for the draft, the 20-year-old DeRozan is taking the time to catch his wind. With DeRozan in town, we sent Senior Writer Mike Ulmer to play a little question and answer.

Ulmer: Finally, a chance to gear down a bit. Tell me about your summer?
DeRozan: My summer has been great. I went on a little vacation, visited my family.

Ulmer: Did you head to Europe and see the sights.
DeRozan: Naw, I stayed in the States. I just stayed at home and chilled with the family and tried to enjoy the short period of time I can rest. That said I am still working out so I am sort of finding the right pace. I cant put my feet up too much. I try to enjoy the life but I want to stay fit.

Ulmer: Looking back, how will you remember your rookie season?
DeRozan: It was a learning experience. I grew a lot. I was able to start a lot of games and go up against a lot of the top players. Just being able to look at what I did my first year, I am going to have the chance to go back and fix a lot of the things I think I could do better. It was great.

Ulmer: What are some of the things you want to improve on?
DeRozan: I want to extend my range, be able to extend the defence more. I want to read defences better and make it easier for my teammates to get buckets. I want to be more of a facilitator. You know, little things.

Ulmer: Talk to me about your confidence level. Attach a number to your confidence level last year and then put one on the season to come.
DeRozan: I think my confidence going in was high. I give it a five. This year, not being a rookie any more, I think itll be about a 10.

Ulmer: Every rookie takes his lumps. Is someone along the line going to have to pay for that?
DeRozan: Yes. Definitely.