Ulmer Q&A With Jose Calderon

July 9, 2008

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Jose Calderon assumed his crown, yesterday.

The 27-year-old arrived to meet the press after signing a multi-year contract with the Raptors. With the departure of point guard T.J. Ford in the deal for Jermaine ONeal, Calderon now has the controls of the team firmly in hand.

Raptors.com's Mike Ulmer had some questions for the Raptors number eight.

Mike Ulmer: What does it mean to have another target such as Jermaine ONeal when you are sizing up a defence?

Jose Calderon: Nobody has two all-stars inside like we have. Hes one of the best inside players in the game. I think were really lucky.

M.U.: Do you see more of a half-court offence this year?

J.C.: Both of them can run so I see that as a big advantage for us. A lot of big guys cant really run like Chris and Jermaine.

M.U.: Will Jermaine have a bigger impact offensively or defensively?

J.C.: Both. Everyone who gets inside will have to deal with him and Chris. On offence for sure theyre going to give us everything. Both guys will have more space because of the other guy. Its going to be interesting. On both ends of the court, well be really good.

M.U.: Whats more satisfying for you, a great pass or a great shot?

J.C.: A great pass because it makes two or three teammates happy. When you pass the ball, your teammates know that when theyre open they are going to pass them the ball. Passing is like a circle. It comes back to you and you have to do that to win games.

M.U.: Is it harder to play on the road in Europe or North America.

J.C.: All the gyms in North America are the same. Where the fans are is the same everywhere you play. You go to Europe, you might have 2000 guys right behind your bench. Its harder to play on the road there.

M.U.: Your Dad was a coach. Do you see yourself coaching when your career is over?

J.C.: I would like to stay in the game. Im not sure I want to be a coach.

M.U.: Rafael Nadal wins Wimbledon. Spain wins the Europe. Whats going on?

J.C.: And Nadal is rated number two? He has beat Federer the last bunch of times. The soccer team, we needed something like that, it has been more than 50 without winning.

M.U.: Where did you watch the soccer?

J.C.: I was at home with my friends and family, enjoying being in Spain.

M.U.: Why number eight?

J.C.: When I was a kid I wore number 10. When I played for my first professional team, someone else had it. I got eight. After two years I arrived with the national team. The veteran point guard retired and he wore number eight. It was like a sign. After that, I wore it every game.