Jack Sees Positives Despite No Playoffs For Raptors

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Mike Ulmer - raptors.com

April 15, 2010

Hedo Turkoglu looks back ruefully at his first season as a Raptor.

Raptors guard Jarrett Jack understands chemistry.

But even he agrees that too many ingredients mixed too quickly can be a mess for a while.

I think the chemistry was as good as it gets when you have 10 new faces, Jack said after cleaning out his locker, Thursday.

I think people take for granted that we also had a whole new coaching staff. When you are not used to the coaching staff, its going to go back and forth, its going to be a tug of war so to speak.

Jack, a glass half full kind of guy, said the players hung together despite missing the playoffs.

I hope it doesnt take away from the relationships we do have. Were great with each other, off and on the court. We hang out with everybody. Its not just a clique type of team.

Despite patchwork defence, Jack insisted there was enough internal leadership to prosper, even without a take charge Charles Oakley type.

Everyone has their own ingredients of how they operate. With the Lakers, Kobe might be that grab them by the neck kind of guy. In Dallas, they dont have a grab the neck kind of guy and they are just as good. I think every team has their own recipe. We have our own. We can play with those two teams and we go about our business as we see fit.