Game Day Q&A Before The Knicks...
March 5, 2010 - 9:09 a.m.

Tonight the Toronto Raptors return Chris Bosh after a six-game absence and itís not a moment too soon.

The Raps are lugging a four-game losing skid around and are keen to break it at the expense of Fridayís opponent, the New York Knicks.

The Knicks are trying to put a good finish on a train wreck of a season. They were gifted with a 21-point performance from former Raptor Tracy McGrady who was installed, for one night at least, on the point.

Some questions canít help but come up.

1. How long until Bosh finds the form that is putting him on pace for his best NBA season?
2. Can the Raps defend McGrady at the point?
3. Can the Raps get back the robust team defence that abandoned them during the losing streak?

Letís kick it around on Fridayís 12:30 chat.

See you then.