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Day 7: Raptors Ready For Some New Competition

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Day 7: Raptors Ready For Some New Competition

Jay Satur - Raptors.com
October 4, 2010

With just one more day at UBC before the Raptors stop facing each other and start facing other teams, Jay Triano continued to preach the necessities of solid defence on Monday following Day 7 of training camp in Vancouver.

While Triano cautioned there's much work to be done and that the preseason is still going to be considered a time for teaching, he was encouraged by some of the things he saw defensively Sunday, such as the aggressive pressure on the ball at half court.

"To be honest, we haven't even put a lot of that in yet," said Triano. "We've talked about it. We haven't really drilled it, but guys are being super-aggressive with their defence and we're not going to discourage them from doing that if the opportunity presents itself."

While Triano said he did learn a little more about his team's defensive abilities on Sunday, he's still no closer to setting any kind of rotation. He added that he expects to continue experimenting with lineups in the preseason to find combinations that click.

Reggie Lite

As noted in yesterday's live chat during the intra-squad scrimmage, Reggie Evans looks noticeably leaner this offseason and he told me Monday that's he shed about 10 pounds and roughly four to five per cent body fat over the course of the offseason.

Evans continued his rehab into the summer following a foot injury that essentially wiped out his 2009-10 season and cited not only physical training but changes to his diet as the biggest factors.

"I had to make sure I eat in the morning, make sure I eat at lunch, eat dinner, but make sure I'm eating the right things and the right amount of proper food and drink a lot of water. Lots and lots of water."

According to Evans, the results run deeper than a new look.

"It's just made me a little quicker. Made me feel a lot younger. It's made me have just a new life, a new confidence. I went through a lot last year and the only way you can get back to wherever you want, where you're pleased, is you've got to work hard. You just can't depend on nobody to push you and push you. You've got to push yourself and you've got to just get it. I worked real hard to get to this point where I'm at."

Davis’ Early Challenge

Injured rookie forward Ed Davis (meniscus) could be seen hoisting up a few flat-footed, close-range jumpers at the other end of the gym under the watchful eye of assistant coach PJ Carlesimo on Monday.

The setback is a tough one not just physically, but mentally for a player in his first NBA training camp.

"You don't want anybody to get hurt early, but especially a rookie and that's part of what he's going to deal with in this league," said Carlesimo."You have to deal with injuries and you have to learn, when you are injured, to stay engaged, to try and learn. It's much easier for a veteran or somebody that's been around a little while to learn."

Despite an early challenge in Davis' career as a pro, Carlesimo was complementary of his efforts to learn the game without actually playing.

"He's doing a very good job," said Carlesimo. "The medical stuff that's for those guys (team doctors, trainers) to say. But in terms of basketball and trying to stay focused, he's doing a good job."

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