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No Decision From Bosh, But Plenty Of Hints

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Jay Satur - raptors.com

April 15, 2010

According to Chris Bosh, nobody -- including himself -- knows whether or not he’ll be back in Toronto next season, but he still sees potential in the team that finished a just shy of the playoffs in his absence.

The forward covered a wide range of topics in a lengthy 25-minute interview on Thursday -- his first since suffering facial fractures in Cleveland against the Cavs on April 6.

Bosh didn’t mince words with regards to opting out of the final year of his current deal and becoming a free agent. Leaving no options off the table, Bosh said that winning is paramount.

“That’s what it comes down to at the end of the day,” said Bosh. “I want to play in the post-season. I want to advance. I’ve been playing seven years. It’s time to start thinking about stuff like that.”

The onus is now on Bryan Colangelo and the Raptors to try and convince Bosh that they’re doing more than thinking about playoffs after a second-half swoon saw them fall from fifth in the Eastern Conference to post-season spectators in ninth.

Bosh indicated that the team’s long-term direction, not simply their immediate future was of primary importance to him saying “you kind of have to see where things are going to go, and kind of assume that players are going to develop and assume that you are going to have your same output.”

It’s unclear if the Raptors’ current makeup meets those criteria for the five-time All-Star, who said that he sees potential with the roster, but with the way team finished, changes are inevitable.

“Looking at our situation, I think there has to be changes only because we didn’t make the playoffs” Bosh said. “It’s not like we’re building off success.”

Considering the wooing of Bosh is likely to begin on July 1 that could mean that Bryan Colangelo faces a tight time line if he intends to make any changes geared around resigning him.

When asked if Colangelo needs to pitch his star on the future, Bosh replied “Of course. Every GM is going to try and sell their business. That’s what people have to remember, it’s a business.

“I’m in a position where everyone is going to try and sell me their business now.”

If another GM does lure Bosh away, the forward said he is amenable to working out a sign and trade with Colangelo.

He also clarified previous statements about an expressed desire to be the focal point of wherever his next destination may be. Bosh said that the franchise tag was merely “nice to have” and cited Pau Gasol as a player who has thrived in a move to a lesser role with the Lakers.

But Bosh was also quick to flip the script completely, suggesting that perhaps it should be a second star joining him in Toronto and if possible, a high-level wing player that would allow the Raptors to resemble more conventional championship contenders.

In order to do so, Bosh pointed out that its teams that have shown a willingness to pay luxury tax that litter the shortlist of squads that play into late-May and June.

“As I’ve gotten older, I’ve looked at other teams and their success and how they do their business in order to be successful and you have to jump over it.”