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Magloire Starts Fund For Toronto Boy

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June 7, 2010

MIAMI (AP) -- Jamaal Magloire is trying to improve a terrible situation for a 7-year-old Canadian boy that he's never met.

The Miami Heat center and former NBA All-Star is paying for the funeral of a 28-year-old Ontario woman named Lucita Charles who was killed earlier this week and left behind a disabled son. It's a story Magloire learned of through news reports, and he said Friday he immediately felt compelled to help.

"I had to do something," Magloire said.

Magloire - a Toronto native, though not from the same neighborhood where the slaying occurred - is paying for Charles' funeral. Through assistance of a friend who works at a bank, Magloire is also opening a trust fund for the boy, who has cerebral palsy.

Police have arrested the woman's boyfriend, charging him with the slaying. Magloire contacted the slain woman's sister, who did not know his NBA background, with his offer to assist. The sister was "relieved," Magloire said.

"It was never my intent for this to get out," Magloire said. "I just felt it was my duty to help. That's why I went to school, to study social work, to try to help people. When you can help people in a time of disarray, it's good for everybody, the people you're helping and the people who are doing the helping."

Through the Heat, Magloire has worked with several charitable causes, which is a point of emphasis for the franchise. It's one of the things Magloire enjoys about being with the Heat.

"Not only do I want to lead by example, I want to show other people ways they can help, not just financial ways," Magloire said.

Magloire just completed his 10th NBA season, his second with Miami. He said he is "absolutely" hopeful of returning to the Heat next season.