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Some Highlights From Memphis

October 30, 2009

Post-Game After A Big Win

October 29, 2009

Watch my post-game interview with Raptors NBA TV following my pro debut!

- DeMar

In The Beginning...

October 27, 2009

Check out this footage from The Beginning, featuring me at training camp in Ottawa.

- DeMar

Seven Preseason Games Down, One To Go...

October 22, 2009
What's up Raptors fans?

I'm coming at you from after practice here in Toronto as we get ready to wrap up this preseason!

Things have definitely picked up in the last week, going out there playing against teams like Boston, Houston - you can tell the vibe that everybody wants to go out there and win and it just doesn't feel like a preseason game. Everybody's getting serious about the regular season and everybody wants to go out there and win.

Going out and playing against great players like Andre Iguodala and Ray Allen this preseason, you definitely have to take something from their game. I just try to go out there and learn from the little stuff they do after being in the league for so many years. Those players have a lot of advantages over me, they know a lot of things that I don't know so if I'm guarding them, I see what kind of movements they're making on the ball, off the ball. Really take stuff from their game and add it to mine.

Off the court, I've been getting out a lot and seeing more of Toronto. I've been trying to eat at different restaurants and I've been to the CN Tower a couple of times. I'm really settling into my place and it's real easy to get around in this city, so I'm just enjoying life.

A lot of you probably know about how much I love video games. You've probably seen online streams of me and Sonny playing each other, but you can find me online playing any kind of game with thousands of other people! I can sit there for hours and play. After practice, just get something to eat and go home and I love getting on the PlayStation and playing.

The live streaming with Sonny has been a lot of fun because all of you get to see our personalities when we play the games and how much we joke, no matter where you are. Keep checkin' my Twitter feed for a link to when we're going to do it next.

For my followers on Twitter, I love interacting with you and you probably heard about my idea as I try and reach 20,000 followers. Keep following me and tell any Raptors fans you know to do the same because I'll give away tickets to our games whenever I can, even for you fans on the road. I just felt like that would be a cool little thing to do when I travel to a lot of different places! But the only way to get 'em is to follow me.

I also want to open this space up for you. Send your questions for me to the Raptors Facebook page and I'll keep trying to answer as the season goes on. Ask me questions about how my rookie season's been going, how I'm adjusting, or anything about my life off the court.

- DeMar