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Finishing November With A Bang...

November 30, 2009

- DeMar

Congrats To My Former Coach...

November 24, 2009

Hey Raptors Fans,

Just wanted to check in real quick to congratulate my former USC head coach Tim Floyd, who's now the lead assistant with the New Orleans Hornets.

It's a great move for them. When I saw him leave SC, I knew he was going to get back in the league... Just no question about it. I knew he wasn't going to be away from basketball too long. I'm just real happy to see the coach that I played for last year back in the NBA.

He's an intense coach that preaches toughness. He really showed me a lot, especially on the defensive end and he really brings that defensive mindset to a team.

Tim loves having athletes. You give him an athlete and no matter what the position, he's going to bring the best out of them. That's something you can see he's definitely doing with guys like Marcus Thornton and that's what he did with me last year.

And the Hornets have been doing well since Floyd and the new coaching staff came in, so that's big! I'll get to see him when the Hornets hit Toronto on Dec. 20.

- DeMar

My Big Oop Against The Heat...

November 22, 2009

The Circus Hits Denver & Some Post-Game...

November 17, 2009

Draft Day + 1...

November 13, 2009

Check out part two of my Raptors NBA TV special...

Talking About Going Home...

November 12, 2009

Getting ready to head back to LA for my first game at home as a Raptor!

Another Big Dunk Plus Post-Game...

November 12, 2009

Check out my big finish off a nice feed from Jose on the fast break!

Plus... some post-game reaction following our big win over the Bulls!

DeMar DeRozan: One Rookie

November 6, 2009

Check out Part One of my Raptors NBA TV special DeMar DeRozan: One Rookie...

- DeMar

Checking In After Week One...

November 3, 2009

First week's done and it was real good. It's been fun trying to learn and just get better every game. I didn't really have any nerves leading up to my first game -- I mean, I was kind of anxious to get out there for the first one but ever since then I've been good. If I had to pick a highlight for the week, it would definitely be that first game, something I'll remember forever.

The competition definitely ramped up from the preseason in every aspect. With every player that we're playing against on every team, you can see that it's now at a high level.

We've added a couple of highlights to my blog already, including my block in Memphis. I was trying to get the steal on that one at the end of the second quarter and missed it, but I didn't want to give up on the play. OJ (Mayo) tried to keep on going with a little scoop layup, so I chased him down and got it.

I've been trying to watch as many other NBA games as I can in my spare time. I'm real happy for my former USC teammate Taj (Gibson) who's playing a lot with the Bulls. It's a great opportunity for him to get out there and help a great Chicago team. It's fun watching someone you played with in college get out there and perform at the NBA level.

If you read my tweets this weekend, you also know I got to see one of my favourite rappers perform live this weekend when Jay-Z hit Toronto. That was my first concert and watching one person rock the whole Air Canada Centre was great. I couldn't even pick one track that stood out, just being there for the whole thing, having that first experience, watching one of the best ever was really great.

My first reader question asked me if I had been pranked yet as a rookie and so far, it's been ok. They did get me in the tunnel in the preseason though. Rookies had to lead the team out so I start running out there and of course they left me to sprint out there myself. Other than that, it hasn't been too bad... yet.

Keep those questions coming for me on Facebook, Twitter or on RaptorSpace. Feel free to ask me whatever you want to know.

- DeMar

Some Early-Season Highlights

November 2, 2009

An early highlights of me from Raptors NBA TV.

- DeMar

"It Felt Like A Mack Truck..."

November 1, 2009

A little post-game interview with me after a tough loss to Orlando and a run-in with Dwight Howard.

- DeMar