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DeMar's Blog - January

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One Rookie: Part Seven...

January 29, 2010

One Rookie: Part Six...

January 22, 2010

Talking Dunk-In With NBA TV...

January 22, 2010

Getting Ready For The Cavs...

January 18, 2010

Going Left In NYC...

January 15, 2010

My Dunks On Display...

January 15, 2010

Talking A Little Football Before NYC...

January 13, 2010

Hey Raptors fans,

Just wanted to talk a little bit about my second-favourite sport... football! If I wasn’t playing basketball, I'd definitely be out there on the football field.

Last year, I really got into the NCAA more. Just going to school at USC, you get to know a lot of football players and I really got entwined into more of the college game, so I have to say NCAA is more my thing.

But I'm also a fan of the NFL and with the playoffs goin' on, I watch everybody. I like every team... except the Cowboys. I'd still watch them this weekend if I could, but only to see them lose to the Vikings! We’ll be on-court playing the Mavs, so hopefully I can catch the end and see the Vikes finish them off!

I love LT and the Chargers and I want them to win. I’m rooting for the Colts, but I don't know, they're playing Baltimore and I like the Ravens too. And Cardinals-Saints? That one's hard to pick. Saints have my man Reggie Bush, so I'll say I want to see them win.

It's tough on me because I've got the same mutual enjoyment of watching both teams in these matchups, so it’s a win-win situation for me.

Before weekend football though, we've got our first trip to New York. Should be exciting because I've got some memories there. I played in the Jordan Classic there. I had a great game and we won and of course, I was drafted there. So going back to “The Garden” to play for the first time as a pro in one of the greatest gyms, history-wise, definitely should be fun.

I heard some people have been asking raptors.com about that alley-oop Hedo threw for me this week against the Pacers. That was a play coach drew up in a timeout, we decided to try it and it worked. Always fun to do stuff like that!

I love my blog readers!

- DeMar
The Hookup From The Hip Of Hedo...

January 11, 2010

One Rookie: A Career Begins...

January 7, 2010

Another Big Play Against The Spurs...

January 3, 2010

Tricky pass off glass for the oop!

Baseline In Boston...

January 2, 2010

Check out my big dunk against the Celtics in Boston...