Dance Pak Blog: Sophia October 5

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Dance Pak Member And...


October 5, 2010

Recently, Ashley and I had an appearance at a local university campus. We spent the better part of an hour chatting with students, professors and just people who were cutting through. As per usual, people were interested about the nature of our job. Do you love it? Do you meet the players? How many games do you go to? Are you on the ACTUAL dance pak? (To the best of my knowledge, there is no fake Dance Pak).

But there was also another question asked that we weren’t used to answering: Are you students here? I can say we were both proud to answer yes!

And people weren't surprised.

It always makes me want to laugh when fans are surprised to find out that we do more than dance at basketball games. In fact we pride ourselves in being a team of diverse, intelligent women with many different skills and attributes. We break stereotypes everyday. Sometimes I come to rehearsal with the marks from my laboratory goggles on my face, others come dolled up from a day on set or take off their scrubs after a long day at work. You’re never too tired to dance (and if you think you are, Red Bull to the rescue!). Don’t get me wrong, we all love being on the Dance Pak and are passionate about what we do on court. But we are a group of multi-faceted, multi-talented individuals defined by more than our membership with the Dance Pak.

As a science student and self proclaimed "science geek" I never thought that my two lives would ever clash or that they would in any way benefit one another. But as I stood there with Ashley on my own school campus, representing the Raptors Dance Pak, my lives definitely crashed and I realized just how similar these two spheres of my life are.

In subtle ways, like the way I gear myself up before an exam, is similar to gearing up before a game and in more obvious ways, like how I always go to an exam fully dressed up and put together because if you look good you feel good and perform better. I’m sure any other member of the team could find similar parallels in their lives.

So next time you talk to us at an appearance or a game feel free to delve into subjects other than dance and basketball.

Chances are we might know a thing or two about something else!

Anyways, I’m off to class! Until next time,

- Sophia, Dance Pak Member and self-proclaimed 'Science Geek'