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Still Dancing Away From The Pak

November 11, 2010

The Pet That Tests My Patience

November 4, 2010

Have any of you ever just wanted to curl up on your bed, couch, or favorite chair, and snuggle with a pet? Well that was my intention after rehearsal tonight with the Dancepak. But my furry friend had a different motive.

I recently got a kitten in July as a graduation present from my mom and dad in NS. Her name is Leo Lynn and she is absolutely adorable! Her face is half white and half black; she has little mittens on her paws and the cutest punum (which is my fancy name for nose/snout). Leo has a bit of a history behind her, while I was home for reading week I was surprised with this kitten, however, before I got to see her she managed to get loose and run into the back woods of a family friends yard. Needless to say, the entire family, and neighborhood were looking for this poor soul who was no bigger than my hand… and I have small hands! Poor little Leo was lost in the wilderness for two nights. We were all in shambles and were beginning to lose hope.


A Surefire Cure For The "Mondays"

November 2, 2010

"This job is full of weeks with no beginning and no end. In social media the conversation never stops. Bringing happiness into the lives of others has always been rewarding to me and I am thankful I found a daily outlet as a performer." -Kat

That is a quote of mine from one of my bios and I know I’ve said this before but as the season starts spinning here in Raptorland I count my blessings everyday being able to spend my days sharing my passion with others and meeting so many incredible people along the way.

I think my encounters with kids bring the most energy to my days. All of us start at the beginning -- in my case, a dance studio at the age of six -- where, while hardly being able to tie my tap shoes, myself and all young performers had dreams of dancing in the big world. I was fortunate to step into a teaching role and spent many years with young dancers and really fell in love with their sincere sense of humour, their warmth and their attitude that they could do anything. I’ve met some great “biggest littlest Raptor fans” as I like to call them like Kid Raptor who you’ve all seen on RaptorSpace, Griffen, who has his annual picture with the Dance Pak every season, James, who comes out to a lot of the events (most recently Fan Jam) and all those kids who come dance with the Pak during the fourth quarter at home games. I logged on to my computer at the beginning of the week with a little case of the “Mondays” and this was the first thing I saw …

Let’s just say the “Mondays” disappeared pretty quick.

As we were heading to the court to dance during the last game a little boy walking behind us asked, “Dad, why do cheerleaders always show their belly buttons?” I wish I heard the answer but I didn’t need to because it was a reminder that in these weeks with no beginning and no end it’s the little things that have the biggest impact. In this case, the little boy who put the biggest smiles on fourteen dancers' faces.

Thanks, bud.