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Dance Pak Blog: Nicole September 7

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Time Is Of The Essence

September 7, 2010

Driving down Lake Shore during rush hour was a disaster! If you live, work or have ever visited downtown Toronto, you know what I am talking about. The traffic, the lack of parking, or worse yet, the abundance of overpriced parking lots!

I turned onto Lake Shore from Yonge Street at 5:32 p.m., after an unbearably long wait in an automated parking garage where a middle-aged woman had difficulty paying for her parking. A 30-car line-up full of tired 9-to-5ers formed behind her. You can bet they were displeased, and they relentlessly honked until she returned with cash and paid her fee.

Relieved to finally be out of there, I was hoping to quickly run over to the Raptors NBA TV studio for our preliminary photo shoot. I had been looking forward to this all day! Though it was only five minutes away from my work, it took me an additional half hour just to clear the traffic and make it over. While in this bumper-to-bumper gridlock, I kept wishing I was Wonder Woman and that I could use my superhuman strength to pick up my car and fly myself out of this mess!

For someone who's always on the go, attending university lectures, working full-time and being a member of the Raptors Dance Pak, time is of the essence. "There just aren't enough hours in the day for all the things you do," my mom often tells me.

I walked into the studio fashionably late. I immediately approached Amberley who then directed me as to what I would be wearing. All the girls were dressed in a cute two-piece white and red outfit with Raptors spelt in caps letters across the chest, and these hot, white pleather boots. Oww oww! Everyone was in anticipation. Girls were busy touching up their hair and make-up, paying particular attention to detail. With only one of four washrooms equipped with an electrical outlet it was a bit chaotic, but it was ok. On this team, family comes first and everything worked itself out. Even though getting ready was a bit rushed for me, it was still exciting to be a part of my first official Raptors shoot! I was the last one in front of the camera, but I finally had the green light and was ready to go.

This day taught me that sometimes in life, we get off to a rocky start, but a little persistence and some patience can go a long way.