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2011-12 Dance Pak Auditions Are On August 6th

June 20, 2011

Reflecting On The Season That Was...

June 14, 2011

It’s day three of no sleep, a cough that will not seem to go away, and a pile of work that just seems to be growing. Yup, it’s the final two weeks of school, and this is generally when Candice likes to procrastinate to the fullest. For example, tomorrow I have a huge exam worth 40 per cent of my mark on electrical systems (I am studying Interior Design), and so far I have managed to watch two movies, surf on Twitter, search through old Dance Pak photos (which I have attached to this entry), which has all brought me here, writing an entry for you guys!


The Big Save Wants YOU...

June 7, 2011

Today's appearance was at the Exchange Tower helping to promote another great event coming up.

Join us on June 20th for the BIG SAVE event. It's for a great cause and it's all happening at the ACC. Come donate blood and at the same time have a blast by meeting up with some players, the mascot and the Raptors Dance Pak.

If you're interested, visit this link and sign up today. I can't wait for the event myself and the Dance Pak is excited too! Take a peak at my pictures to see how we helped out today. See you all June 20th!

Great Photos From Camp Day!

June 7, 2011

June 1st was a special day at all Tim Hortons Restaurants….it was CAMP DAY!

I had the chance to be part of this fun and rewarding day as we helped raise money for the Tim Horton Children’s Foundation. Every penny from coffee sales was donated to this fund to help send a kid to Camp. I had a great time with the girls promoting the event and playing some fun games with the kids. I was surprised to see how involved the community was and how everyone was supporting and donating to the event. It was definitely a success! Check out the pictures I posted and stay tuned for our next appearance.