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Dance Pak Blog: Candice September 14

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My First Day on Twitter

September 14, 2010

You would think after Facebook, BBM, Email, G Mail and understanding the world of blogging, computer technology advancement should be easy to understand for a 22-year-old. I mean, I did my time; four years at Ryerson University only using computer technology you think would do it… Twitter, my friends, has proved me wrong. I am finally a “Twitter User” or a “Tweeter” @cptcandice.

I officially signed in last Thursday night. I wrote my first tweet after about five hours of looking around. These five hours consisted of first asking my co-captain Kat @raptorspacekat (look at me talking Twitter already) about a million questions at once. For those of you not on Twitter, RT, #, and @ all mean something. Each symbol that has been embedded in my head since my entire existence to represent something, now they mean something totally different. Don't get me wrong, I love change, but to adapt to change this quickly is a little scary. My first couple messages to Kat were “I don’t get this”, “you all speak in a different language”, “I am afraid to write something”, “what does RT mean”, “why does everyone have a number sign (#) next to everything”… etc.

Then came the “followers” and “following”. I had my first follower Amberley @amberleywaddell (she had to because she’s my boss), but I’ll just pretend she wanted to. She had her own cool homepage, a bio and so many people that follow her! My co-captain Kat wrote my name in one of her Tweets, “ Hey, hey, hey…my co-captain in crime Candice is now joining the twitter world! Give her a warm welcome… @ctpcandice #Raptors” (see @’s and #’s ... weird!). Within a couple minutes I was getting followers! Thanks to all my fellow tweeters that added me so fast! @Mrballer, @KID_RAPTOR @Raintakahashi @YYZ_RAPS_FAN @TheRounder, @LEAFSFAN71… The list goes on. So now I am at about 40 followers. Kind of cool.

Now what to write on Twitter was the next thing. Kat put it perfectly, “If you would be happy to have it posted on a billboard by the highway than it’s a good tweet.” These tweets pretty much are a text message that everyone can see, a text message lost in cyberspace that cannot be deleted. Great! Who would have known when Marshall McLuhan stated “the medium is the message” in a “global village” in the 1960’s would be expressed through an Internet “global village” called Twitter! I got the courage to write my first Tweet ever before I closed my eyes, wasn’t so bad I thought to myself, I think I’ll be able to the get the hang of it. So here I go, watch me tweet!

Anyways I’m off to rehearsal #timetobesweatyandnotcare @raptorspacekat, @amberleywaddell.