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Dance Pak Blog: Candice September 8

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Recapping Halifax...

September 8, 2010

Hey Everyone,

Candice here. I am currently sitting on my kitchen counter trying to get stuff ready for yet another year of learning in Interior Design. I have a portfolio to put together, but I decided to take a little break.

From these new Halifax Blogs by Kat that were just put up, I am getting a lot of questions and comments like “What exactly did you guys do in Halifax?”, or “What do appearances mean, you just go and appear somewhere?”, or “You guys must have the best job in Toronto to just stand there and look pretty,” or “What an easy gig that is!” My purpose in this blog is to set it straight.

The Raptors Dance Pak ladies are regularly asked to be somewhere, whether it is for NBA purposes, for our sponsors, or for charity work for a couple hours at a time. Now, “do we just stand there?” is definitely an understatement to how tiring these appearances actually become.

For instance, Kat, Char, Sophia and I were sent to Halifax for the NBA Jam Session that’s touring Canada. We arrived on the Friday, just in time for some dinner. Our next day on Saturday required us to be there at 12 p.m., to dance, teach a 45-minute segment to the kids and adults at the event. Let me just say one thing, to smile, and be happy for three hours is tiring on its own, now add dancing and teaching to that equation! As the Raptors Dance Pak, we are there to represent Toronto. There are no grumpy faces allowed. Anything that may be bothering us that day (just like normal human beings have on a daily basis) is to be put away until we are out of uniform.

After three hours on our feet, we had to be back at the event for 4 pm. Therefore, we had just enough time to eat something fast, sit, and head back to work. After another hour or two at the event, we had to appear again that at Taboo Night Club for 8 p.m. We head back to the hotel, to get ready for another two hours of welcoming the guests to the event. By 10 p.m., we were pooped. We were lucky Halifax had some great restaurant patios to sit at for a bite to eat.

Recently, Kat, Ashley, Jen and I were sent to Taboo Golf Club in Gravenhurst. The appearance was nine hours. Yes, you read that right, nine hours of standing, mingling, smiling, and teaching all of the golfers a little dance before they were allowed to make a swing. With four hours commuting to and from Toronto, you can say our car ride back to the city did not consist of a whole lot of conversation.

So besides all of the hard training the ladies and myself on the team put in during rehearsal and game days, we have to appear at different events for different durations of time. These appearances are not always easy, in fact, sometimes tiring. Thus, in conclusion, to answer your questions about appearances, is it “an easy gig?”, absolutely not, it requires a lot of time and commitment.

However, do we “…have the best job in Toronto?” YOU BET!!