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Let's Give Thanks This Canada Day

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Tom Anselmi, Executive VP & COO
Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment

July 1, 2010

Today is Canada's birthday.

The Raptors are referred to as Canada's team and at Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment, we are voraciously proud to be Canadian.

We live in a land where we celebrate our differences. A country where nearly all the cultures of the world, (and come to think of it, nearly all of the sports of the world) converge. A country where we enjoy the privilege of so many freedoms. Truly something to celebrate.


Who do you support more after seeing the events of last weekend in Toronto?

The G-20 Summit and the related protests in Toronto this past weekend were another expression of the freedom that we enjoy. And even with the events that took place in Toronto behind us, we as a City, and a Country, can hold our heads high. Some of what we saw last weekend was not the Toronto most of us know and was not very Canadian. Freedom of speech is one of the pillars of Canadian culture. Senseless vandalism is not. Anyone who loves this country and our community, were pained by what they saw.

What we need to remember is that the freedom we enjoy as Canadians, does not come without a cost. Our men and women in uniform, any uniform, face difficult situations and tough decisions every day. And whether it be in Afghanistan, or in Toronto, or Port au Prince or Resolute or anywhere else, they do it for us to protect the freedom that we all enjoy. Our soldiers, police officers, firefighters, ambulance workers, do a job that most of us take for granted. It is not an easy job but it is all about providing the security and freedom of every Canadian.

As fans we all get to go through the highs and lows of the season with our teams. We saw some highs and lows in Toronto the last couple of weeks. But as we get ready to light some fireworks and wave the Maple Leaf more passionately than we do any other day of the year, let's give thanks for the freedom we have and the men and women in uniform who are responsible for it.

Go Canada Go,