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Chris Bosh Doesn't Regret How He Handled Move To Miami

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July 13, 2010

TORONTO (CP) -- Chris Bosh defended the way he handled his move from the Toronto Raptors to the Miami Heat on Tuesday, saying he never intended to offend anyone by sharing his thoughts on Twitter.

In his first interview with a Toronto media outlet since announcing he was going to play in Miami, Bosh told The Fan 590 that he doesn't regret anything during the free agency process.

Bosh announced on ESPN last Wednesday that he had decided to go to Miami after seven years with the Raptors. But for weeks beforehand he openly pondered his future on Twitter, angering many Toronto fans.

``I'm happy with the way I handled things,'' he told the Fan. ``I don't think I got out of line at any point in time. I knew going into this situation, wherever I chose to go, people were going to think I was crazy.''

He said his tweeting was all in good fun.

``At no time did I want to offend anybody or make anyone upset,'' said Bosh. ``My intentions through that were just to broadcast what I was doing and just have fun with it. That's the biggest part for me, just to have fun.''

He also said he wanted to ``reach out to fans everywhere.''

``If people felt betrayed, I'm sorry for that,'' he said. ``It wasn't anything serious.''

Bosh said that leaving Toronto was a difficult decision, calling the city his home and adding that one of the things he'll miss the most is the Raptors fan support.

``They are some of the greatest fans out there,'' he said. ``They love sports, they love basketball, they love their team and they were extremely supportive of me and everything I did.''

Still, he knows he might get a chilly reception when he returns to Toronto as a member of the Heat. Toronto fans still haven't forgiven former Raptors star Vince Carter for leaving the city several years ago.

``I don't know what to expect, but I wouldn't be surprised if I get showered (with boos,'') Bosh said with a laugh.