Morris Peterson Now League’s Ironman

TORONTO (CP) -- Morris Peterson is the NBA's new ironman.

Peterson earned the distinction after Washington Wizards forward Antawn Jamison missed Tuesday night's game at New York due to right knee tendinitis, ending his streak at 386 straight games played.

I am Ironman. (Ron Turenne/NBAE/Getty Images)size>

Peterson, who extended his streak to 258 games in Wednesday's 106-96 win over the Orlando Magic, has battled a bruised left knee but remains in the Raptors' starting lineup.

``I just want to go out there and concentrate on winning games,'' said Peterson, who's averaging 11.5 points and 3.6 rebounds in 28.1 minutes. ``The streak is good, but I just want to finish the season out strong.''

Peterson has a long way to go to break the all-time record of 1,192 consecutive games set by A.C. Green, whose streak stretched from 1986 to 2001.

``I remember watching A.C. Green growing up,'' said Peterson. ``that's something you definitely take pride in, to go out in practice and work hard every day, and then go out in the games and work hard. it's just a blessing to go out there and stay free of injury.

``I think it's luck, and a blessing, and also hard work.''

There was some concern about Peterson's sore knee, which forced him to miss the second half of Sunday's 95-84 win over New Orleans. Peterson told coach Sam Mitchell he wanted to keep playing _ no matter what.

``I was telling coach, `you're probably going to have to cut my leg off for me not to play,''' said Peterson. ``There's just something about being out there on the court. My knee isn't 100 per cent, but I feel like I can still go out there and help the team.''

Point guard Rafer Alston commended Peterson on his tenacity.

``He's banged up, and he'll still come to practice and work hard,'' said Alston. ``Mo's a guy that's going to come in and work as hard as he can if he's hurt or not.''

Alston also had a light-hearted suggestion for Raptors general manager Rob Babcock.

``We got to talk to Rob and give (Peterson) a 13-year extension so he can catch A.C. Green,'' Alston joked.