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Saying Goodbye... Sort Of

Saying Goodbye... Sort Of

August 31, 2011

Just like when you are two years old and doing it for the first time, your days continue with one small step in front of the other. I woke up to so many wonderful wishes on twitter about 'future endeavours' and 'new challenges' and 'the next big step'. The rumour is out and the rumour is true. So here's the scoop...

Yes, I have officially hung up my white Dance Pak boots and pointed up to the 300s to make some noise for the last time. I've spent five seasons experiencing the high of game nights and sincerely cherish every fan encounter, buzzer beater, high-five and dance. The statement has been proven; time really flies when you're having fun. When I think about my days in a Raptors splashed half top, I feel nothing but a lucky buzz of memories. I am thankful for every opportunity; the challenge of teamwork and standing as captain for the past three seasons, meeting fans across the world through travel and events and making so many incredible friends along the route.

One of my favourite game day moments was sitting in the empty seats during the silence before the storm; when you smell the popcorn starting to pop and t-shirts are being draped over the courtside seats and the incredible game night team including ushers, security, media, vendors, 50/50 ticket sellers and the ladies at Tim Hortons (who were always prepared with my medium coffee at halftime are entering for the evening). It's a hard-working team that I hold much respect for that brings the fans the game night experience and it's the fans that made the game night experience what it was for me. And that was nothing but amazing.

So thank you. Yes, you!

A new challenge awaits but I'm still staying within the walls of the ACC and the game of basketball. Let's be serious, there's no way I'm going anywhere! I look forward to seeing familiar faces, laughing at the antics of the Raptors Fanatic Zone and taking a time out on the steps beside some of my favourite season ticket holders to get the scoop on the serious dunk I missed while I was talking to the fierce new Raptors Dance Pak in the tunnel. And that's the truth, they're fierce and I'm so excited for you to see them.

See you at home.