Dance Pak Blog: Kat - Oct. 15, 2010

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Season Five Is Off And Running


October 15, 2010

I feel like I'm showing my age here, but hello, I'm Kat and this is my fifth season with the Toronto Raptors Dance Pak. Last night was our first time taking our hard work from the rehearsal studio to the court during the first preseason game. As the years have gone by and I've climbed the senority ladder it's been interesting to observe the changes in emotions, urgency, teamwork and focus as I've viewed the Dance Pak from different heights. Girls have come and gone, responsibilities have grown, choreography has transformed through a variety of styles but through it all the love for the game, in this case performing, is the one thing that has stayed consistent.

I was a little surprised at my game day jitters. I hear it all the time, "You're an old pro, there is no way you get nervous anymore." Sure the nerves of the unfamiliar fade slowly with time but I always like to keep a healthy dose of anxious adreneline somewhere inside.

It's like my secret ingredient to a successful show. It keeps the excitement meter steady from day one to the present.

I took a step back yesterday and watched some of the rookies soak in a typical game day for us. I could see their insides flip flopping from intense enthusiasm to "what have I gotten myself into". There were moments of "I can't do this", moments of "I've worked so hard and I'm finally here" and one of the things I expected because I've seen it reoccur over the years, in fact, I've experienced it myself, is "how am I going to handle everything". All of us hold multiple responsibilities whether it be school or a number of jobs and all of us are human. As a member of the Dance Pak one of the most important lessons I've learned is balance and I promise the ladies now that it does come in good time.

So even though it's usually the other way around I've decided as a veteran that I want to learn from the rookies. I'm going to fight to keep my energy up to their level, I'm going to watch their style in rehearsal and reference it in making myself a stronger dancer and I'm going to take that admiration I have for them and how hard they work outside of the rehearsal space and push myself that little bit more.

And to my ladies, this is what I have learned over the last five years. Be thankful for every opportunity big or small. Respect and dedication aid to building a strong team bond. You will gain confidence as a performer and a woman. You will learn the meaning of the word balance. And you will go home every night after work and realize how rewarding and satisfying this little gig is.

Enjoy the moment,

Captain Kat