Throwback Thursday: Playoffs Presence – Raptors vs. Nets, Then vs. Now

You know that saying "the more things change, the more they stay the same"?

As the current season proceeded game by game, there were many similarities noted between the 2006/2007 Raptors season and the one we are excitedly immersed in now. And they both ended with fans wearing the Atlantic title splashed across their chests.


Then came the first round of playoffs. We know the numbers, but what about the in-arena effect? The sights and sounds? After splitting the season series (both seasons) it was the Raptors (3) vs. Nets (6). Adjust the cities and rosters but mirror the positioning, fans and series pace. Let's compare:

After the Raptors won game two in Toronto, the series was an even split as they travelled to Nets territory. Cue confetti.


Jason Kidd was a starter for the squad and currently lays a plan of attack from the sidelines.


The starting five for both teams looked a little like this...

2007: Bosh, Parker, Ford, Nesterovic, Graham
2014: DeRozan, Lowry, Valanciunas, Ross, Johnson

2007: Carter, Kidd, Jefferson, Collins, Moore
2014: Pierce, Garnett, Williams, Livingston, Johnson

Courtside by the bench? Jay-Z in 2007 but people can expect the courtside scene to be similar in Game 3. (With his now wife Beyonce by his side)


Oh, the fans at home? From a sea of red in '07 to a white out in '14, they had the noise meter peaking both years.


During Game 2, Superfan Nav Bhatia sat next to Vince Carter's mother courtside in 2007. Now DeMar's fiance Kiara watches the playoffs beside him.


And hot off the presses...


The list goes on. From the 'Salami and Cheese' calls of Chuck Swirsky to the 'Helloo!' hype of Jack Armstrong, the Raptor and Dance Pak stayed the same and the Air Canada Centre was home but now there's a big screen on the outside for crowds. And that is the one constant over the years; the fans...