Education: Criminal Justice
Birth date: January 24 (Aquarius whew!)
Hometown: Toronto
Occupation: Happy
Fun Fact about yourself: I believe eyebrows are not twins, but sisters!
Favourite Book, Movie, Artist: Ouu Favourite book : To Kill A Mockingbird, Movie: The Goonies, Pearl Harbour & Across the Universe, Artist : Michael Jackson
Person you admire most: My Momma, she's superwoman!....but actually though (:
Hobbies/Interests: Dance & Martial Arts (I'm a black belt, whew!)
Hidden Talent: I can taste the difference between pepsi and coke without looking at it! & I can quote every line in the movie "Bring It On"
City or Country girl? City girl with a care-free Country spirit
Early Bird or Night Owl? My blinds are my enemy in the morning! Night Owl for sure !
Favourite store/Go to store: Sugar Mountain !
Tim Hortons or Starbucks? Starbucks (:
Last song played on your Ipod/ Most played song on your Ipod: Last song played : Start Me Up- Rolling Stones, Most Played : National Anthem- Lana Del Ray
If you could dance with anyone in the world who would it be? Michael Jackson! & a slow dance with Channing Tatum.....I mean who wouldn't want that?
Dream Job: My heart has yet to decide! If only I could do everything !
Dream Vacation: A trip around the world!
Superstitions: Umbrellas in the house are bad luck!!
Pre game superstitions: Hmm.. I'll get back to ya!
Worst Habit: Plucking the mascara off my eyelashes...I'm surprised I have a lot left.
If you could live in another time period, what would it be and why? I'm torn between two! The 80's so I could be in "The Goonies" & The late 60's early 70's....I'd definitely be a hippie & John Lennons best friend.
Celebrity Crush: Jason Bourne....he's real to me.
Describe yourself in 3 words: Ambitious, Witty, Thoughtful
Favourite Food: Anything spicy! If my mouth isn't on fire it wasn't hot enough!
Favourite place to eat in Toronto: The Lakeview Restaurant :)
Something that no one knows about you: When I was younger I used to walk on the knuckles of my feet for fun.
If you could have any super power, what would it be? TELEPORTING!
Biggest Pet Peeve: Movies with bad endings/cliff drives me insane.
What is the best advice you've ever been given? "Take time to stop along the road and smell the roses"
What makes you laugh? Laughing babies!
If you could be on any reality tv show what would it be? The Real World
When you're not dancing what keeps you busy …When am I ever not dancing? *ponders* />

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