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Years on the Dance Pak: 1st year
Education: BFA in Performance Dance from Ryerson.
Birth date: March 30
Hometown: Uxbridge, ON
Occupation: Dancer and Dance teacher
Fun Fact about yourself: I am a classically trained dancer, mainly in ballet.
Favourite Movie: Hanna
Person you admire most: My parents, who are the most amazing people in every possible way
Hidden Talent: Speaking in multiple accents and Hair Flipping.
City or Country girl? Country Girl… but a City Girl at Heart.
Early Bird or Night Owl? Night Owl
Favourite store/Go to store: The Zoo….at least I wish it was a store…
Tim Hortons or Starbucks? Double Tall 2 pump sugar free vanilla 3% Americano all day, every day.
Last song played on your Ipod/ Most played song on your Ipod: "Im the Man" by Belly.
If you could dance with anyone in the world who would it be? Krystal Pyte from Kidd Pivot. Or Beyonce.
Dream Vacation: Hiking in Matchu Pitchu.
Worst Habit: Pretending I am on a cooking show while making ANYthing, including sandwiches.
Celebrity Crush: Chelsea Lately.
Something that no one knows about you: I will 100% own a potbellied pig within the next 5 years.
Biggest Pet Peeve: Not being busy.
What is the best advice you've ever been given? "Just stay happy and healthy" from my Oma