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Seven Simple Ways To Stay Active Through The Canadian Cold

October 24, 2011

As the leaves begin to fall and the summer days are long gone, most of us tend to lose interest in staying active. Catching up with a friend over a game of golf turns into a sit down chat over a pound of wings. Visits from your pizza delivery guy start trumping your visits to the gym.

Sound familiar?

Well for those of you who don’t know, when I’m not in my Dance Pak uniform, I’m actually in school studying kinesiology and physical health. So as I’m sitting here in the library, hour three of my study session, I’ve decided to take a break to share with you some of my knowledge. Staying physically active decreases your risk for a number of health problems, feelings of stress, as well as promotes optimal growth. With the drop in weather, as your 20 minute walk to the bar gets taken over by a five minute cab ride, these seven easy steps will help you get through what I like to call the ‘Winter De-conditioning Syndrome’. These steps are meant to add to your daily routine to help maintain your physical activity throughout our cold Canadian seasons.


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