Unofficial Canadian Holiday
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SECAUCUS, N.J., Dec. 13, 2007 -- Once a season, I get hammered by the good people in Canada for not paying enough attention to Raptors big man Chris Bosh.

I donít know who was in charge of coordinating this unofficial holiday, but somehow all Canadians knew the week of Dec. 10, 2007 was the chosen date this year.
"I know he started slowly, but Bosh is playing well now and according to the Power Rankings, the Raptors are the 12th best team in the league."
- Paul in Canada
"Canít you see how bad we are without Chris Bosh? We went just 2-3 while he was hurt. Give him his due."
- Mike in Toronto
"I canít believe you have people like Carlos Boozer, Dwight Howard, Yao Ming and Kevin Garnett on the list, but not Chris Bosh. He is as good, if not better than all of those guys."
- Robbie in Canada
Those are just three examples of the correspondences I received from North of the Border. Trust me, there were a lot more.

Letís get a couple of things straight. Simply being the best player on the Raptors does not guarantee anyone a spot in the Race to the MVP. Just like I dropped LeBron James seven places for missing five games, the same rule applies to Bosh. If you miss a significant amount of time, you are going to lose your lofty position.

Also, R2MVP comes out on Tuesdays or just two days after Bosh returned to action. Meaning, he missed a handful of games because of his groin injury, came back and posted 21 points, 10 rebounds and blocked four shots against a struggling Rockets team and what, I should have ranked him No. 1?

Sorry, it doesn't work that way.

Yes, I know the Toronto win streak is up to three games now. Yes, I know that Bosh is the heart and soul of the squad. Yes, I know he is averaging 19 points, eight rebounds and 1.4 blocks per contest.

I also know, that spots in the R2MVP are earned, not given. Bosh has to earn his spot back.

Time to respond to some of your e-mails.

Landon in California: What are the requirements to be in the NBA?

Brooks: A good starting point is being 6-6 and athletic. Another option is having Rick Barry adopt you - he had four sons play professional ball.

Jon in Puerto Rico: I'm a big fan of Dwyane Wade and I think it is time for you to put him in your top 20. You will have no choice after the Heat go undefeated this week and Wade averages 36 points, nine assists, six rebounds, three steals and is chosen as the Player of the Week.

Brooks: Since you are in Jackie Stallone mode and know what is happening in the future, what are the Lottery numbers going to be tonight?

Alex in California: Hey Mo, I was wondering if you could tell me who is on your fantasy basketball team since you claim to be an expert?

Brooks: I'm in the 12-team Off the Glass Basketball League and my team, "Where Championships Happen", has Ronnie Brewer, Brad Miller, Udonis Haslem, Grant Hill, Amare Stoudemire, Richard Jefferson, Drew Gooden, Carlos Boozer, Brandon Roy, Joe Johnson, Stephen Jackson and Chauncey Billups on its roster. And yes, I'm in first place and have the most total points.

Dave in Ohio: Maurice, Mo, whoever you are. Didn't you notice how bad the Cavaliers were when LeBron was injured? What does he have to do to prove to you that he is the MVP, sit out the rest of the season?

Brooks: I don't know how long you've been reading R2MVP, but I have a belief that if you are not playing, you are not helping your team. I didn't see LeBron scoring any points when he was sitting on the sidelines dressed in a suit with a turtleneck.

Miller in Delaware: How come the Wizards haven't missed a beat without Gilbert Arenas?

Brooks: Unlike the Cavaliers, who are built solely around LeBron, or the Magic, who are built soley around Dwight Howard, the Wizards have three stars. Therefore, the terrific trio of Arenas, Antawn Jamison and Caron Butler has become the dynamic duo and they are still able to be competitive.

Gumz in Los Angeles: I enjoy your articles and thanks for all of your hard work. Do you think that Kobe Bryant will ever realize his potential so that my Lakers can be unstoppable?

Brooks: Are you serious? What more do you want from Kobe? I guess scoring 27 points, grabbing six rebounds and handing out five assists a night for a team that is four games above .500 isn't enough. If he makes like Jerry Stackhouse and sings the National Anthem before games will that make you happy?

Mike in Chicago: What more does Kevin Durant have to do to make it on to your list?

Brooks: Get traded to a better team.

Meryl in Hoboken: It seems that in recent history we have not had an MVP from a bad team. Kobe has deserved it, but because his team did not win enough and he's not on the best team he hasn't won one yet even though last season he carried the Lakers to the playoffs on his back. People have started to define MVP as the best player on the best team and that is something I don't agree with.

Brooks: Last season I was one of those "people" that you are talking about. I thought Dirk Nowitzki deserved the MVP for leading the Mavericks to an exceptional season. Each year is different. Although the Magic have an impressive record, the No. 1 reason that Dwight Howard leads the R2MVP is because he has been so dominant. There is no right or wrong way of thinking. It is a gut feeling.

Kyle in Oklahoma: You sir are a jerk. Your responses to e-mails are so ridiculously hateful, condescending, negative and sarcastic every week. Maybe you should think about what you write and how to be more positive and friendly about things.

Brooks: OK, let me see how nice (fake) I can be. Thank you very much for calling me a jerk. Please send me another e-mail next week. I appreciate you for reading. You're the best. Toodles.

Matt in Canada: I was wondering if you could tell me how I can get my foot in the door at the NBA?

Brooks: Dude, there are cameras and security and stuff inside the building. If you don't work here, sneaking in is not a good option. Just joking. I got my job by applying on

Steven in New Orleans: Mo, the Jazz have lost four games in a row. I bet nobody is e-mailing you now saying that Deron Williams is better than Chris Paul.

Brooks: Steve, the Utah losing streak is actually at five and you know something? Not only have the Jazz fans not been e-mailing me, they also haven't been filling out their All-Star ballots. How is D-Will not in the top 10 of Western Conference guards? Get out there and vote, people.

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