If you love scoring, we've got it. If you appreciate a great defensive stand, you'll find it here. Terrific teamwork is in abundance. Clutch shots, fantastic dimes, thunderous jams, slick steals and brilliant play-calling take place every night on the floor. If you miss a game, you might miss something amazing.

Here are 62 amazing things we here at NBA.com are looking forward to in the NBA's 62nd season...

1 Not having to predict what Boston's big three are going to do any more. It's time for them to show us.
2 That being said, KG's return to Minneapolis on Feb. 8.
3 Yao Ming's revenge on Nate Robinson (Video). You know it's coming.
4 The first Gilbert Arenas prediction that comes true ...
5 ... and the first Gil prediction that doesn't.
6 J-Kidd going for triple-double No. 100.
7 Kobe going for 20,000 career points.
8 Four more Warriors-Mavs matchups, with the first on Nov. 8.
9 Yi and the Bucks visit Yao and the Rockets on Nov. 9.
10 Shaq and D-Wade healthy and on the court at the same time.
11 Penny and Shaq playing as teammates in Florida 13 years later.
12 Cleveland at Detroit, Wednesday Nov. 28. You think the Pistons won't run a loop of LeBron's 48 (Video) on the hi-def in the locker room before that game?
13 Tim Duncan's quest for the one for the thumb.
14 The continuing Chris Paul-Deron Williams debate.
15 Williams and Carlos Boozer running the doing the pick-and-roll déjà vu.
16 Allen Iverson returning with the Nuggets to Philly for the first time since the trade on March 19 (such a long wait...)
17 The Spurs and Suns renewing pleasantries on Dec. 17, and again in Phoenix on Jan. 31.
18 Big Al Jefferson doing his thing in the Little Apple.
19 Beyonce and Jay-Z courtside in the Garden State.
20 Barkley vs. Bavetta II: This time it's personal!
21 Forget help defense ... Dwight Howard straight up sending a shot into the luxury boxes.
22 The Hornets back at home, and the rest of us joining them in February.
23 The first time Steve Nash slices into the lane from the right side and finishes by flipping the ball over his head, using the rim to shield his defender, on the left side.
24 Mark Cuban exhibiting his new dancing skills in a Mavs' half time show.
25 The baby Hawks and Joe Johnson making Atlanta a playoff contender.
26 Grant Hill meets ":07 Seconds or Less."
27 Like the first robin of spring, Vince Carter's first (spectacular) dunk of the season.
28 Ben Wallace playing unencumbered and with the headband in a post-headband ban world.
29 The winners of the last three MVP awards and BFF, Steve Nash and Dirk Nowitzki going head-to-head on Dec. 19.
30 Melo, Kobe and Gilbert battling it out for the scoring title.
31 Seeing if Luis Scola can live up to the hype.
32 Nellieball ... And the celebrities it attracts.
33 The Zach Randolph and Eddy Curry combo in New York.
34 Shaq climbing up the career records charts (points, rebounds, etc.)
35 Hoping Emeka Okafor can stay healthy and lead the Bobcats to new heights.
36 Andre Iguodala emerging into an All-Star caliber player.
37 Andrea Bargnani showing the league why he was picked No. 1.
38 A dance team challenging Miami's dominance in NBA.com's bracket challenge. Come on. Somebody! Anybody!
39 Charles Barkley making his first insightful comment (and his first comment that results in Kenny and EJ mocking him).
40 Spending Valentine's Day with Barkley for back-to-back games (Miami vs. Chicago and Dallas vs. Phoenix).
41 Baron Davis playing this season the way he ended last season (Video).
42 Wondering how married life has changed Tony Parker's game. More jumpers and fewer drives through the lane?
43 Reading more entries from Morris Almond's blog. Here's to hoping the kid can play as well as he writes.
44 Michael Redd, Rip Hamilton or Ray Allen pulling up for a 20-footer curling off a screen.
45 Sophomores who have put their work in and get an opportunity to prove it.
46 Joakim Noah's hair
47 A possible playoff game at Madison Square Garden.
48 The Rockets running Rick Adelman's version of the Princeton offense.
49 Kings coach Reggie Theus' wardrobe
50 Kobe going for 50 for five straight games after he's traded.
51 Finally! La Bomba in the NBA.
52 Sorting out what is now a very deep Eastern Conference.
53 Boston becoming a tough place for opposing teams to play in again.
54 Mt. Mutombo's last hurrah -- and last finger wag.
55 Waiting to discover that next breakout player like Monta Ellis or Kevin Martin.
56 Matchup between this season's two best rookies: the Clippers' Al Thornton and Seattle's Kevin Durant on Nov. 4 in STAPLES.
57 Making that mid-season pick-up that helps put our fantasy team over the top. Last year, it was Andris Biedrins.
58 Seeing if LaMarcus Aldridge can hold down the post in Portland.
59 Andrei Kirilenko coming out of nowhere to send a shot into the third row.
60 Jim O'Brien picking up the pace in Indiana.
61 Brandon Roy evolving from ROY to STAR.
62 For the season to start, finally.