Season Forecast: Most Valuable Player

Want to know who the GMs, the guys at TNT, editors and the fans think will be the MVP in 2004-05? Get a head start on the best players in Basketball New Year with's Season Forecasts.

GM Survey: Who will be the MVP in 2004-05?
Shaquille O'Neal, Miami
Tim Duncan, San Antonio
Kevin Garnett, Minnesota
Kobe Bryant, L.A. Lakers
(Note: posed this question, and others, to the league's general managers to learn what the men who make the personnel decisions in the NBA think.)
TV Analysts: Who will be the MVP in 2004-05?
David Aldridge, TNT: "Kobe"
Charles Barkley, TNT: "Duncan, Shaq or KG"
Doug Collins, TNT: "Shaq"
Kevin Harlan, TNT: "Shaq"
Ernie Johnson, TNT: "Shaq"
Steve Kerr, TNT: "Tim Duncan"
Kenny Smith, TNT: "Tim Duncan"
John Thompson, TNT: "Big Ticket!" (Kevin Garnett)
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The Fans Predict ... Predicts ...
The majority of's editors picked Miami's Shaquille O'Neal to be named the MVP in 2004-05.

Finals Forecast (Nov. 5)
Many expect Shaq to Shine with the Heat.
(Ezra Shaw
NBAE/Getty Images)