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By Jon Loomer

Previous Expert Picks

June 3 - I'd like to say that I put a lot of thought into today's pick.

Who am I fooling? No, I wouldn't like to say that.

I would like to say that I would like to say that I put a lot of thought into this pick. That way, there is somehow the impression that thought went in. Or at least the impression that I meant to say that I meant to say that thought went in.

You get the picture.

Today's Expert Pick
Player: J. Stackhouse, Dallas
Opponent: Phoenix Suns
Regular Season Averages
June 1 -- Hold on Tight
May 30 -- No Expert Witness
May 26 -- On Second Thought...
May 24 -- Hands off the Keys
May 23 -- End in Sight
Look, people. We have nothing left out West. This is all I have left for you. Don't giggle because the plays we've made are what have gotten us to the 99th percentile and rising. We're going to win -- or get close to winning -- this thing, assuming the Heat make the NBA Finals. Not rooting, of course, just an observation.

My pick for today? The only player with an acceptable PRA remaining: Jerry Stackhouse. I'd like to say that Jerry Stackhouse has been a dependable PRA monster. Actually, I'd like to say that I'd like... never mind. He's averaged 18.8 during the postseason, which isn't bad. Unfortunately, as a sixth man you never really know what he's going to get you.

On May 30, Stackhouse had a 13 PRA night. He put up 11 the game before. He scored 23, 21, and 20 in the three games prior. Let's pull for the 20's here.

For the sake of argument and thoroughness...ness (thoroughality? Thoroughfication?), let's take a look at who else is available. You will quickly see that the choice is clear:

Erick Dampier (11.0 PRA)
Keith Van Horn (8.8 PRA)
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DeSagana Diop (8.7 PRA)
Adrian Griffin (8.6 PRA)
James Jones (8.4 PRA)
Marquis Daniels (6.3 PRA)
Eddie House (4.2 PRA)

The fact that I'm even listing a player with a 4.2 PRA points to the level of desperation. Remember the days when we'd never even consider a player with a sub-20 PRA? Me, too. Let's just hope it doesn't get any worse.

And forget Dampier, he's hardly played of late, sporting a three PRA in seven minutes in Game 5. If this goes to Game 7, we are going to be forced to take one of these fellas. Just cross your fingers and hope a guy goes off, which is entirely possible in a track meet with the Suns.