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By Rob Peterson

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June 2 - We're done.

I'm serious, we're done.

Today's Expert Pick
Player: Ben Wallace, Detroit
Opponent: Miami Heat
Regular Season Averages
We're picking our last viable Piston tonight, Ben Wallace.

Yeah, yeah, we still have Antonio McDyess, but if you want a guaranteed 15 PRA from any of the remaining Pistons we have, it's Big Ben.

After that, we're screwed, especially if the Pistons become the ninth team (and second this postseason) to wipe out a 3-1 deficit to win a series. And considering that we have no one left out West, we're really S.O.L. As you know, we can't openly root for a team to win. But you can see where we've hedged our picks when it comes to a certain squad that rhymes with wheat.

I mean, could you blame us? The Heat went 4-2 all upside the Bulls' head, then popped the Nets in the kisser, 4-1.

Because of that, there had been no reason to spend a pick on Wade or Shaq. True, we've already used Antoine Walker, but if we hadn't used him, we'd be pickin' McDyess tonight and we would really have no Piston for Game 7.

So, why the fretting, Peterson? The Heat have the advantage. Don't they?

True, but Detroit has recent history on its side. To wit: the Pistons are 8-0 in Game 6s since 2003.

Eight and freakin' 0! That's like, good. Really good. That eight is enough to have us a little nervous here at Expert Pick HQ.

Also, I don't need to remind Heat fans about being one of the eight teams that have lost a 3-1 series lead. Heat fans remember that series slipping away agains the Knicks in 1997. Heat fans also remember Allan Houston's shot.

So, if you think we're in trouble if this series goes to Game 7, imagine how the Heat feel.