It's not too late. Play Drive to the Finals Now!

By Rob Peterson

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May 18 - Yesterday, we had two words for you: Tim. Duncan.

If you followed that advice, you received 52-pickup from the Big Fundamental.

Thems nice numbers.

So, if you experience a little deja vu with the current theme, we apologize.

Today's Expert Pick
Player: Elton Brand, LAC
Opponent: Phoenix
Regular Season Averages
May 17 -- Tim Duncan
May 16 -- Jason Kidd
May 15 -- Tony Parker
May 14 -- Richard Jefferson
May 13 -- Drew Gooden
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May 18 -- Advantage: Non-Experts
May 17 -- Resident Expert
May 16 -- Never Mind
May 15 -- Park It
May 10 -- Do the Right Thing

We have two words for you today: Elton Brand.

We have two more words for you: You're welcome.

What we lack in creativity we more than make up in common sense. With the Clippers down 3-2 to the Suns, fighting for their Playoffs lives tonight in L.A. (10 ET, TNT), Brand is the only choice you have, especially if you haven't used him.

If you have used Brand, you're S.O.L. We'll leave it to you to figure out who to choose and what S.O.L. means in this case.

Why is Brand key for Drive to the Finals tonight? Simple. He's been a monster in the series against Phoenix with an average 45 PRA, 45! He hasn't scored fewer than 20 points in a game this series, and grabbed no less than nine boards. So, Brand's gonna at least get you 20 and 9., which would be a better average PRA than all but 26 players in The Playoffs.

As it is, he's 38.5 PRA for The Playoffs, behind only such slouches as LeBron, Gilbert (done), Vinsanity (done), Dirk and Kobe (done).

He's been stellar in this series, averaging nearly six points more than his season average and he's doubled his assists to 5.2 apg. The Suns have no one who can defend him in the post and, when they do double-team, Brand has been able to find the open man (and equally as important, those guys have made the shots).

Another good reason to take Brand, besides that I told ya so, is that the Clippers' have won their two games controlling the paint. With their Playoffs lives in the balance, where do you think the Clippers' will go tonight?

That's right, inside. They're going to go inside faster than kids running from a rain storm.

Expect greatness from Brand tonight, and reap the benefits in your Drive to the Finals league.

That being said, as a fan, these long, tight series have been incredible. We've had eight overtime games in the postseason already. That ties 1993 and 2003 for the most ever in a Playoffs. For fans, overtime games mean increased blood pressure and heart palpitations. For us fantasy dopes, OT means inflated numbers. Here's hoping for a four-OT classic tonight at STAPLES.

Ah, but what are the side effects? Lack of sleep is one. My head hasn't hit a pillow before 2 a.m. in three weeks. Also, seven-game series drain your options. We're running short on the big guns in nearly every series. And what about the Pistons? Egads. We haven't used one, yet they could be gone after tomorrow night.

That's what makes it fun. After all, if it were easy, Jon Loomer would be winning our Experts League.