It's not too late. Play Drive to the Finals Now!

By Rob Peterson

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May 5 -- We can't state this any more simply:

Pick Gilbert Arenas on Friday.

Pick him now. Don't think, just do.

Take the Spurs and Cavs ... off the table. Don't consider a King (and do so -- Ron Artest, Bonzi Wells -- only if you've picked Gilbert already).

But if you haven't, pick Gilby now. Do it. If you don't, you're not smart, as in Kevin Federline dumb.

Why should you pick Arenas? Because Gilbert has been Kevin Federline productive in this postseason. Only LeBron James and Vince Carter (and we've picked both already) have better playoff PRAs.

Today's Expert Pick
Player: Gilber Arenas, WAS
Opponent: Washington
Regular Season Averages
May 4 -- Kirk Hinrich
May 3 -- LeBron James
May 2 -- Steve Nash
May 1 -- Carmelo Anthony
April 30 -- Shawn Marion
April 29 -- Vince Carter
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Do we really need to explain that the Wiz could be done after tonight and that if you don't pick him you've chucked away at least a 43 PRA if Gilbert plays a normal game? Do we need to draw you a picture?

Oh wait, look to your right.

See? And if he goes off in an elimination game?

Yeesh! You'll be kicking yourself that you passed on a potential 60 PRA.

OK, still not getting it. Think of it this way: You're in the Sahara. You have emptied the last drop from your desert water bag and your dry throat feels like centuries old parchment. On the horizon, you see ... What do you see? Is it water, an oasis? Or is it a mirage?

You thunder toward that image in the distance as your desire to slake your thirst is overwhelming. The lack of water has made you delirious, the sun beats down on you like a hammer on an anvil. You hope, goodness, you hope that it's water, sweet, sweet, water ...

As you get closer, you start to figure that it's an oasis before you. You can make out lush greenery. You can feel the damp air on your face as you approach.

Saved! You are saved. You climb down from your trusty ride and there it is ... a pool of blue so clear you can see to the bottom, a pool so cool that the mere thought refreshes you. You kneel, dip your hands in and raise the water to your parched lips and drink.


Tonight, Gilbert is your oasis in the playoffs fantasy desert.

Drink up.