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    Flea, Red Hot Chili Peppers
    For someone who originally wanted to learn the intricacies of jazz, Michael Balzary sure made an about face. Growing up in California by way of Australia, Balzary traded in his trumpet for the bass after being introduced to the world of rock by high school friend Hillel Slovak, a guitarist himself. Balzary, rechristened Flea, would go on to form the Red Hot Chili Peppers, one of the most popular and critically acclaimed rock bands for the last 20-plus years. Along with band members Anthony Kiedis, John Frusciante and Chad Smith the Red Hot Chilli Peppers have sold more than 40 million albums around the world. Today, Flea can be spotted all over the entertainment spectrum having played roles in several feature films as well as appearing on albums with the likes of musical legends Mick Jagger and the late Johnny Cash.

    Congrats, Suns
    May 7 --
    i congratulate the phoenix suns on their victory
    they are a unique and dynamic team

    except for raja bell who is a nincompoop

    Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE/Getty Images
    i know i put up a brave face during my pre game blog yesterday
    but i knew it was nearly impossible to win game 7 in phoenix
    unless the lakers played the greatest game they were capable of
    and i knew that the momentum had shifted radically in the suns favor
    sent into hyperdrive by tim thomas's 3 pointer at the end of game 6
    and it sent me into a bummer tailspin
    but honestly i didnt expect the lakes to tank like that

    they were just too young too inexperienced and they choked
    on the bright side that youth will serve them next year
    hopefully the younger players will learn to keep their poise
    and to not get down on themselves when they make a couple of mistakes
    as was so often the case this season and it showed glaringly in the
    when it came pressure time they choked
    kobe tried to stick to the game plan
    but his teamates were incapable of holding their own

    lamar only had one bad game and it was last night's game 7
    and he was great for the other 6
    he will be even better next year

    and next year andrew bynum will begin to play more
    and i, like every year, will be rooting for the lakers with all my heart

    well at least i got to experience the elation of the wild end of game
    and that was a lot of fun
    its like going golfing and being terrible but remembering the one
    beautiful shot
    or the 3 hour surf session being all out of rythm and the one
    beautiful wave when you were right in the pocket

    well, no more nba for me now
    i have no interest in who wins now
    it is over for me til november

    ahh maybe i'll try to enjoy a few games as the playoffs progress
    i do appreciate high quality basketball
    but, it is unlikely
    too painful
    the nba is dead to me now

    it was fun writing the blog all year
    and i'm sure anyone who doesn't love the lakers thinks i'm an idiot
    and that's fine with me, i understand
    even probably lakers fans think i am an unbridled fool too
    and that's ok too
    i have no interest in being mature and intelligent about basketball
    i just want the lakers to rule the world

    signing off
    go lakers


    Posted by: Flea 2006 May 7

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    Lakers Will Win!
    May 6 --

    Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE/Getty Images
    smush parker will come alive
    he will let go of his style of performance lately
    forgive himself completely
    and rock into a new day with complete confidence and flow
    smush parker is a dynamo
    he is an exciting and flexible and strong and flying guard
    he will come alive tonight in phoenix
    i believe completely in him
    what he did at the end of game four?
    he will be like that the entire game at phoenix tonight
    the lakers will play like a team tonight
    kwame will dominate the paint
    and get a double double
    lamar will get a triple double and shut down shawn marion
    kobe will facilitate greatness throughout the whole team
    and will rise to whatever level he needs to to win
    and he will create whatever path he needs so he can live on
    like water
    the lakers will win tonight in phoenix
    and it will be amazing
    and i will be sitting backstage at saturday night live staring at a
    little television
    and doing a victory dance
    and i will rock on the television show with
    all of my energy that i give to the music
    flowing from the cosmos and the earth
    and it will be in conjunction with a shockingly happy laker victory
    the lakers will win
    the lakers will play the greatest game of their career
    and i will not hate the suns
    i will love the lakers
    go lakers
    band together
    stick together
    and fly

    Posted by: Flea 2006 May 6

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