You watch the games, you see the scores, but how do you really know what's going on in NBA Playoffs 2005? NBA.com has infiltrated the action with the ultimate insiders -- the players themselves. We're giving you an exclusive look at the postseason with a roster of player mailboxes.

Rookie starting point guard Chris Duhon has played an instrumental role in Chicago's first playoff run since '98. Send Chris a question via e-mail and we'll post his answers to the best questions at least once for each round of the Playoffs the Bulls reach.

Chris answered the first round of questions on Monday, May 2:

Q: Chris, it seems like you are really coming around with your shot. By the looks of things you are seemingly feeling more comfortable with your role on the team. How much do you believe playing for such a successful program at Duke has prepared you for this playoff run?
-- Jason Krostal

Duhon: Thanks, Jason. I do feel like my shot is starting to show its true form. I feel a lot better with it now then I did at the start of the season. The only real difference is that it is starting to fall. If in-and-outs counted for points, I would have a lot. But playing at Duke helps me be mentally tough and prepared for everything. If I miss a shot I know the next one is going in. Getting ready for the playoffs in the NBA allows me to recall all the big games I played in at Duke. That helps me put it all in perspective.

Q: Do you want to spend your entire career in Chicago?
-- Dale Zawada

Duhon: I hope so. The fans in Chicago are crazy. They love this team so much you want to work as hard as you can to bring home a winner. They support us on the road, too. Everywhere we go people are rooting for us. I love all of the guys on my team and really enjoy playing for Coach Skiles. He is a good teacher and even though he would not want you to know, he is pretty funny as well.

Q: Can you give me some pointers on my jumper?
-- Ryan Wingfield

Duhon: Just keep shooting. Practice make perfect. Everyoneís shot is a little different but if you keep working on it, you can make it better.

Q: Also, what did you do to improve your three-point shooting? It is vastly improved, and to be quite honest, I do not cringe anymore like I did earlier in the season.
-- Craig Peters

Duhon: Craig, I am glad you donít cringe anymore. It is just all about learning the pro game and how to put yourself in position to knock down your shot.

Q: Chris, I just wanted to say youíre an amazing player, even if you are only a rookie! I think itís safe to say all the rookies on the team are doing well! I just wanted to know, whoís been the best to play with either on the team or on other teams?
-- Mina Alnajjar

Duhon: That is a real tough question. I have great teammates here in Chicago and I have enjoyed playing against guys like Steve Nash and Carmelo Anthony, but I also loved playing at Duke with Jay Williams and Daniel Ewing. I have been lucky that I always seem to play for teams with good quality players.

Q: Iíve watched every game this year and the most surprising thing was how you can run the team so well as a rookie. Has playing alongside Hinrich helped this year in terms of running the team? Good luck in the playoffs.
-- Samee Baig

Duhon: Samee, it has been great playing with Kirk this year. He is sure to be an All-Star during his career, and he is also a great friend. We work well together and I hope I make him better by helping him get in position to make more shots.

Q: I am a huge Duke fan and a huge Bulls fan. I have also met Coach K about one year ago. I just wanted to ask how is the NBA life? Also, how is Jason Williams and Luol Deng? Do you still keep in contact with Battier, Jones, Dunleavy, Boozer, Ewing, Redick and all the other guys? Thanks for letting me ask you some questions. Hope to get a letter back. Thanks a lot and good luck in the playoffs!!!
-- J. Pryor

Duhon: Life in the NBA is great. I am living a dream right now. I do still talk to all the other guys a lot. Jay Williams is in Chicago getting ready for his comeback so it is good to have him near me. I also get to see all the other guys during the season when we play against each other.