1. What do I need to participate in Destination Finals TXT Play?
A Verizon Wireless Mobile Telephone Number with two-way text messaging service.

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2. What is text messaging?
Text Messaging will allow you to send and receive a short message as long as you are in a digital coverage area and you have SMS service setup on your phone.

3. How do I know if my phone supports text messaging?
Most digital phones are text messaging compatible. Please check the phone owners manual for details.

4. Why do I need to submit my phone number and temporary password to validate my registration?
The second step of the registration is for security purposes. It is to validate and verify your interest in participating in the contest.

5. Why haven't I received any of the NBA TXT messages?
Either you did not complete the pre-registration process for voting, your phone / plan does not support text messaging or the voting window is not yet open. If you are sure your phone / plan supports text messaging and you have not received the ballot, send a text message from your phone to "622" with the message "NBA" and simply follow the messaging prompts.

6. I received a ballot to my Verizon Wireless handset, but I am unable to reply. What do I do?
Your phone / plan may include the ability to receive text messages, but may not support sending text messages. In that case, go to NBA.com and cast your vote.