You watch the games, you see the scores, but how do you really know what's going on in NBA Playoffs 2004? NBA.com has infiltrated the action with the ultimate insiders -- the players themselves. We're giving you an exclusive look at the postseason with a roster of player mailboxes.

The Grizzlies' James Posey has emerged as a go-to guy for Memphis. Send James a question via e-mail and we'll post his answers to the best questions at least once for each round the Grizzlies reach.

Posey answered your first round of questions on Wednesday, April 21:

Q: How do you plan to hold your own on the boards against a team like San Antonio?
-- Rob (Jonesboro, Ark.)

Posey: We just have to keep crashing them on the boards and do a better job of boxing out.

Q: Judging by your season, does it put a fire in your team when people doubt you?
-- Nate (Memphis, Tenn.)

Posey: We just realize that we are in control of our own destiny. We have to trust and believe in each other and just go out there and stay committed. Keep working hard and try to get wins. Other than that, we just worry about ourselves and no one else.

Q: How can you limit Tim Duncan on his scoring?
-- Martin (Davao City, Philippines)

Posey: Youíre basically talking about the world champion. You know, Tim Duncan is (the reigning) MVP so itís tough. But you just try to make him work for everything and thatís the only thing you can do. You canít stop him, you just have to try to contain him. I donít know what containing him means, but thatís what youíve got to try to do.

Q: Memphis has had a huge turnaround from last season. In your opinion, what's the reason for the turnaround?
-- Andrew (Dallas, Tex.)

Posey: I think itís just the commitment to each other. It started with Coach Brown, his intensity and his confidence that he has with each player, and expecting to win and how the guys were committed to working hard and things like that, thatís what helped us get through the season.

Q: How has Coach Brown changed your playing attitude?
-- Corey (Vero Beach, Fla.)

Posey: I perform for him. Since I got here, Iíve been his biggest fan and Iíve learned a lot from him. Itís just his intensity that he brings to the game and to practice Ė the challenges that he presents to us and that he prepares us for the games. Heís able to get us on the same page so that we can win games and accomplish what we have this season.

Q: As you know, you were the only Griz to start every game this season. How has your staying healthy all season contributed to that increase in feeling (or at least looking) comfortable out there on the court?
-- Dan (Memphis, Tenn.)

Posey: Iím just trying to take care of my body, still lifting. Youíve got to stay in shape. Any bumps and bruises you take care of and just get treatment. I just get my rest and things like that. Other than that, just trust in the man upstairs that he can get me through it and thatís all.

Q: Hi James, and congratulations for the great season! I would like to ask how does it feel to make the postseason, and to start it in front of the NBA Champions, the Spurs?
-- Jonathan (Montreal, Canada)

Posey: It feels good. For a lot of guys on this team, itís the first opportunity, especially for me, to play in the playoffs. Itís an experience. The Spurs are the world champs, MVP Tim Duncan, itís tough. But, weíre just getting our feet wet right now and weíve still got to go out there and play hard. If we do that, then we should be able to get wins.

Q: How is the team chemistry, on and off the court?
-- Mindy (Roseville, Calif.)

Posey: We come here and everyone is on the same page. We come here to do a job and we donít want to let each other down by doing our jobs. Off the court, some guys hang together, sometimes we go out to eat, bowl and things like that so we have a good relationship on and off the court.

Q: This season in Memphis you've usually had the responsibility of guarding the other team's best player, a job you excel at, given that you have managed to keep your man on lock-down almost every game you've played. Which player has been the toughest for you to guard and why?
-- Stacey (Memphis, Tenn.)

Posey: I just look forward to those challenges every night, I guess to make it tough. Kobe, T-Mac, AI, thereís a lot of guys that are going to get a lot of shots up. When you know their teammates are looking for them, then theyíre always a live body and they get shots. Every shot that they miss is a good shot, so you just try to make it tough for them and contain them once again.